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Daily Archives: March 8, 2014

German Laptop dancer by Thomas Sims

Reflections – Promote Yourself


On colorful masses,
Blue full skies..
All colours became uselss on fading smile.
With drying colors tainting deserted thoughts..
Collecting my vision..
Over shattered glasses,
Reflections of what I came across.
Judging me and myself assumptions between right and wrong..
Losing sight of this world, on each of my steps.
Time of Hopes
Are now behind my scopes.
Mind is twisted fall in illusions,
Short of Panic ,
Short of Confusion..
Feeling this world is on trial ..
Shedding the eye imprints on scribbled life paths..
Its two and three feeling long tired 
I still am playing with colors . ,
kissing the canvas , scaling the brushes..
Creating Reflections of my heart ..
– Atul Shukla
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