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DARK WATER – Promote Yourself

(In reference to my book, SHADOWWATER)
From a little girl fighting a raging undertow,
To a tween by a shaded stream where she’d “go with the flow,”
Or as she looked for tadpoles; Back Swimmers in the fens,
Water was not her enemy, but a wondrous friend.

Skating on forbidden ponds,
As a teenager who felt all sounds
She swam away from angry frowns,
And sought adventure in shadowy places,
Careless minds and unlit spaces.

Dimmed lights that spread across a city’s black sky;
Cavernous sewers; wet concrete walls.
Still no fear, no reason to ask why,
Until shadow figures’ final cries; towering falls.

Refuge found on sands of magic,
But never forgotten: victims, pasts tragic;
Nor all those who lost their lives,
Under an island’s blue and sunny skies.

Years along she swims in capricious seas,
Though dusted with strands of gray,
Saddled with weakened knees;
A lonely girl has found a lost friend,
The older woman can begin again.
And the poet who sees surface plums atop crystal alters,
Can now embrace the depths of shadow waters.

Wendy Shreve

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