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Insomnia – Promote Yourself


Midnight Silence.. 
covering dim table light 
Sour Cold February Night 
Sky Brust into Worries 
Tick Ticks of Clock Sticks 
Lightened my Eye blinks.. 
Lying on Bed 
Suffling myself around; 
under wrapped warm blanket 
I cannot avoid those sounds. 
Screams Of my Failures 
untamed voices of my Dreams 
Echo of these heart beats, 
Today , Everything .. 
Not letting me to sleep.. 
I Can feel the fear 
but dont want to express 
I am afraid of loosing myself.. 
My efforts are my hope 
nervousness of coming deeds 
making everything uncomfortable 
unresistable , unexplainable. 
nothing will change, 
untill I write my Success
 to overcome this age,
 with sunken eyes..
 Filled with Insomnia.. 
-Atul Shukla 
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