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Time Between Worlds – Promote Yourself

 I like to pretend
I’m from your world
But really I am not…
I saw a different view
Of a similar history, from a different aspect,
I jumped back into your world –
A place not unlike my starting point,
Where Time is still time there,
Just as Time is time, is here.
Gravity is still the enemy,
The centrifugal force of all.
It hasn’t truly ended
Or really ever begun,
It’s always only but a memory
On an infinite, constant rerun.
From many different places
Views that are slightly askew,
It is as it is,
In every possible location,
And really, there’s nothing
That any of us can do.
There’s some differences in
The bugs here,
Blips of amusing programming,
But alas, I fear the same
Blue sky
And the Water
That reflects it
Still clings to where it’s supposed to.
The air is much better here
Because it is from both of our befores.
I’d like to say it will always be
But nothing truly ever is,
The weight you think you feel,
Pulling you downwards
Towards your earth Is relatively the same
Wherever you calculate yourself to be.
Some ordinary names of matter
Have slightly changed over time
But “a rose by any other name”,
Is still as beautiful here or there,
Although they will never smell
Like this again, in my time from before.
As the light darts back and forth,
Travelling from place-to-place,
Names are only names
When words and letters have been replaced,
Its meaning is, as its meaning is,
However, you choose to understand the matter.
But remember: A day is not a day
When the Light has gone away
. Just as night is not a night,
When Darkness goes astray.
Still I find it humorous
How you perceive such trivial matters of
Brightness or obscurity,
When I know this is only
Simple calculations of minor math and physics
Of any particle of this virtual nature.
Someday, you will go where I go and where I have been
Or will be too.
Meet me when you jump back
, From your different view.
But time always passes before
You can actually see it –
This perception is only yours
From whatever view
You saw askew…
So look me up (or look me back),
I will be as you will be,
In the past, present or the future,
As everything that ever was,
Are all things in relativity.
S.M Cadman

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