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Daily Archives: March 11, 2014

I Am Not A Playboy – Promote Yourself


 I am not a player

I am on a quest for love

The long journey that I foresee

With no predicted destination

Will I reach my destination? Or

I won’t reach even half of it?

Just three weeks ago,

I met with this Maasai girl

She was tall, slim and sexy

I thought this was meant to be,

I said to myself, this is it

Just like any other girl

Who I have been with

The dough is what she was for

Will I find the one I am looking for?

Or should I give up and let go?

The problem with me is that I love so much,

And I always end up with a broken heart

Regrets come afterwards

I am always stubborn

And never get enough of the pain,

Judy she is the greatest of all time

But it has already ended, for good I guess

She said she will always love me,

And she knows I will always love her too

The problem with her is,

To her I will always be number two

Angel she is a diva, so eye-catching

Like a magnet, people say we make a good couple

They say we look like Pitt and Jolie,

Bonnie and Clyde

But a hypocrite is what she is

Don’t judge a book by its cover

She doesn’t live by her name,

She is not an angel at all

I am not a player

I am on a quest for love

By Michael Goima

Be Mine – Promote Yourself



If I could cut my heart out of my chest, send it express,

then clean up the mess. Would you be impressed?


Or would I deal with all the stress just to battle with neglect,

and stand there stupid while you calmly walk off with my self respect?


I catch a high off eye contact.

Its such a rush.

I trust that I’d combust if we should ever touch.


Let me hold you in my arms and keep you safe from harm,

and if the sky is storming,

I would soothe your every fear and kiss your forehead in the morning.


How can I make you mine and no one else’s?

Yeah my thoughts are selfish, think I love you, just can’t help it.


As for this message, don’t know how to end it.

Just know that I meant it.

Every single sentence.

Seunfunmi E. Tinubu 

, I am 19 years old. My blog is

Ah, Autumn! – Promote Yourself

The Snap! of cheek reddening chill;

The Crackle! of gold and sable bills underfoot;#

The Pop! of jewelled hills in the late day sun;

I love the first bowlful of Autumn,

Poured out and ready to be Devoured

.by L. Stewart Marsden

Her – Promote Yourself


She kicks me cos she likes it
She pokes me cos it’s fun
She finds it fun to taunt me
Each and every time she’s won

She doesn’t like emotion
Whether from her or me
And though she may not think it
She’s stronger than I’ll ever be

She’ll be teasing me incessantly
She’s got a few things to say
Like screw you or telling me that I suck
A few times through the day

With the hard shell of an oyster
Inside she’s a pearl
She may kick and tease me, or say I suck
But I wouldn’t trade her for the world

Matt Hodges, 17


SIGHS – Promote Yourself


..patch up
..let go
..move on
..go on again
Fritz Dacquigan
See my original post here 🙂

Love And Loss – Promote Yourself

She stood in the cold waiting 
As usual, for her mother to open the door 
Awaiting her smile and greeting
When she noticed blood on the floor 

In absolute fear, she searched for her key
Opened the door and rushed in 
Dreading what she would see
Yet not letting the fear win

She couldn’t think of them in their last moments, pleading 
Smothering her feelings, she climbed the stairs… and froze.
For before her lay her mother, bleeding 
Few inches away from her father- adding to her woes 

She stood there, with a fixed gaze 
The people she loved the most, murdered 
Everything seemed in a haze
As to despair, she surrendered 

She shook them, carelessly 
Knowing her attempts were in vain
Ended up crying her heart out hopelessly 
She couldn’t bear the pain 

Even after several years, she couldn’t love again 
She saw the murderer dead
But, she couldn’t ward off nightmare pain
Or help herself when she’d be hopelessly sad
She learned the meaning of loss and love
As a part of her died that day 
Every day she searched them up above 
And, for them she would pray

By Grace Linton
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