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Daily Archives: March 13, 2014

The God of Winners – Promote Yourself



“If God be on our side . . .”

 The thought, the hope in every fight

In every war in

Every plight

on every land in every year

 Before the fear turns will to wish

 And as the smoke-filled battlefields

 Yield up the count

 And victors mount the highest hill

 Turn upward eyes in prayer

 To thank the God who showed up there

 And mowed down troops whose quests were wrong

 But longed to see their victory led

 Although they died, although they bled

 By the God of winners.

Skip Marsden

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Dreams – Promote Yourself


Manifestation of the endless realms,
As beautiful and charming as your average elm,
As indecisive and multifarious as dear fickle nature,
As secretive and revealing as your classic literature,
Like the raindrop that embraces its siblings at sea,
Like sugar that adds sweet to your bitter coffee,
Like the youthful flower that will open up to its new life in time,
Like the breeze that adds music to your plain wind chime,
As clairvoyant as the stars that shine above,
As comforting as the feel of affection and love,
As tender as any gentle flower could feel,
As impossible as any worldly thing may seem,
As heavenly as a perfect life would be,
As tranquil as a clear sky – calm and serene,
As precarious as life may at times seem,
As delicate as the slender reeds by the stream,
Visitor of the star-studded and reticent night,
To stay by your side in the magic of starlight,
Visitor of the darkest hours so as to not be seen,
To let you discover you in the form of a dream.

 – A. Niranjana
I write under the pen name A. Niranjana, and love to write poems, generally about nature and anything that I find inspiring. I also love to blog – you can find me over at:

Prayer poem – Promote Yourself

A Love affair with God's Creation

Dear Lord,

Please listen to my prayer.

I know that you are true. 

Hear the words I say.

I’m crying out to you. 

God I need you oh so close.

Please help me through this day. 

Lord please guide me in my thoughts,

To know just what to say. 

I know that you’re here with me.

I feel the power of your mighty hands, 

Guiding me through the struggles

that I find along this path. 

I know that you have plans for me,

Bigger than I can Comprehend. 

But Jesus please reveal to me

the next step in your plan. 

Your will be done,

as you call me by my name. 

I will do as you say.

Because I gladly wear your grace. 

Please rid me of this pride inside,

that keeps me far away. 

I need to be near to you

Through every step I take. 

I so desperately seek to hear your voice,

calling out my name. 

I’m listening very closely.

I’m so glad you came. 

Jesus please forgive me,

Those times when I fall short. 

It happens more often

Than I’m happy to report. 

Your amazing love is

The power you gloriously show. 

Everyday I seek you,

Your presence is made known. 

Oh Father how I need you,

Please let your glory shine. 

As long as you’re here with me,

Wherever you lead, I’ll be right behind. 

I will follow your glorious call,

To where you’ve planned me to be. 

Please let my every step,

Bring glory to your name. 

Its the greatest hope within me,

That all I say and do, 

Will cause you to smile from Heaven

Making me one of the few 

That You said would find the narrow path

That only leads to you. 

I humbly accept the title as a

Child of the Living King. 

All because of your great Son

Who gave His life for me. 

Your love is so profound,

And your grace is an amazing thing! 

That you love me oh so much,

Is the reason that I sing. 

I know you’re always very near,

For you’re Spirit is in my chest. 

The magnitude of your love for me

Is how I know I’m blessed. 

Thank you God for everything

I just don’t know how to share 

The million ways you’ve given me life

Is far beyond compare. 

Oh father how I love you!

Jesus, this includes you!

Holy Spirit living inside me,

I love you deeply too!

Amen and Amen!







It is the little things in life which make the difference
When we are greeted by someone with a friendly smile
Who genuinely enquires about our well being
Or offers help in climbing over a stile

A stile is not just something we see in the country
It is any of the problems we meet on life’s way
To know that we have friends who will help us
Is something that brings happiness every day

For there is a lot of truth in the old saying
That a friend in need is a friend indeed
Someone who is willing to help us
And who is not afraid to intercede

Not one who always wants to interfere
Or to tell us things that we already know
Who can recognise the help that we are needing
And who will stay when all the others go

Who will do or say something that is helpful
It might only be a gesture or a friendly smile
But it can soothe or strengthen us for life’s battle
And make everything we do worthwhile

Ron Martin

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