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Confessions of a Cold Blooded Killer – Promote Yourself

grim reaper

Dear hooded reaper from down the block

Dear disgruntled employee

Dear bank robber

Dear teenage boy with the world on your shoulders

Dear young child wrapped up in a game of cops and robbers


I am not the answer. I am not your friend.


Though my curves fit ever so gracefully in your palm

Cool to the touch
Though I cling for dear life to the elastic in your waistband
I do not belong at your side
My click, bang may sound like music to your ears
But I am the siren that will lure you to destruction 

There is reason for my silence

You have no idea the secrets lurking deep within my chambers
I wish it was safe for me to utter them under my breath
But my whispers are the thunderclaps where there is no storm
The release of my words burn where there is no fire
Potassium nitrate scorches my throat as my secrets leave my lips
It’s never worth it to hold a conversation with me 

I am a lifeless puppet without you

Once brought to life I will only be mother of disaster
With your fury my children come faster
Wanting only to vandalize
Painting bull’s-eyes on the sides of both guilty and innocent lives
Leaving the bravest of men terrified as we look eye to eye
And I rarely ever lose a staring contest


Ever since my creation I was only meant for devastation

My shouts can make bloodbaths sound like celebrations

Fourth of July & New Years have nothing on me

My bullets leave bodies shattered like broken glass

White tees turn to swizz cheese paired with the wine of police sirens


You may think you’re man enough to push me

But are you strong enough to cock back the weight of this loaded dream

I put people to bed

The only lullabies are mothers’ cries as they cradle broken heads


So let me remind you.


I am not the answer, and I most certainly am not your friend.



A Cold Blooded Killer 

Samantha Lovindeer

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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