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Daily Archives: March 15, 2014

A Dream – Promote Yourself





A drift in the coldness of a dream

A laughter echoed with shivery

Haunting every unredeemed souls

Of those who are denied and weary.

Echoing yells and constant weeps

Those cries are more excruciating

Others trapped in a slime head deep Of treachery,

lies and self-deceiving.

That laughter grow increasingly

To every dampen corner faintly

lit Eerie eyes on every candle bases

Grudgingly watches a soul to slip.

Of what could be worst of them all

A view from afar of a soul left alone

Wondering what it did long before

In its eyes, it was me all along.

A Dream

-Jon Ida

No love lost ,No love found – Promote Yourself


In the darkness of the twilight
in the coldness of winter nights
i feel so lonely..
in the sounds of clock sticks
i wish for some arms
who can hug me tightly
make me feel warm
over dry throats of mine
i wish for those lips
who can touch mine..
fill up my heart
want someone to hold me
to wrap me closer 
beneath soft arms
i wish..
i want ..
to feel warmness of your breath
and feel your immense charm.
Living apart in different worlds,
I know nothing about you
may be we are too far..
bodily seperated ..
By time walls.
i am missing you
where is my love..
Where you are..
Come on my timeline.
to play true over lonely hours..
before my solitudeness turn tired,
and springs go so far..
You are not just a feeling..
I know someday..
In the darkness of the twilight 
We will be romancing 
under the same sky, same stars..
Over and over the oceans
Under blessings of the Polaris.
Submitting my poem , i feel this poem will touch hurt of everyperson who hv ever loved someone. dedicating this poem to all lovers who ever loved someone .

Nick – Promote Yourself









You were always just so cool,

In your uber-gnarly sixteen hole Doc  Marten’s boots and  leather jacket,

Which you passed onto me and I could never  quite pull  off.

You were always just so cool,

With your girlfriends and your grin and  your crack-pot schemes,

Your graphic design and arty inflections.

You were always just so cool,

Meeting The Ramones in Amsterdam,

Running amuck in Kashmir.


Then we dived into the smack.

Hey it was the nineties!

It descended like a mist of cotton wool,

Speed-balling with abandon through the  endless streets of  the night

Laughing at our ghosts and howling out our   prophecies  with our mates.

Nodding off in corners in the embrace of  the poppy,

And listening to Nirvana.


And no matter how messed up we were you  always looked  after me like an older brother,

But you were my younger brother.

Then we came out the other side and you  went North to get  away,

And built an adventurer’s life for  yourself on the boats.

Two hundred years ago you would have  become a pirate,

You were always going off on a new  adventure diving or  going off to some magical azure waters.

So you made some money and bought a place  in Cairns,


But I never got over to see you there.

We were going to take on the night in  Cairns,

But it never happened.

And some fateful day,

A mate wanted you to go to Laos with him,

And you said yes, take me to the wild   lands of Asia!

First thing you did was crack a rib kick   boxing,

For which you may have been given the  wrong medication,

But you never made it out,

You never came back,

We don’t know if you were killed or died  from an   interaction with medication and alcohol.

And now all I have are your sunnies,

Which make me look cooler but not cool  enough,

Hi I’m Tim Parkin from Perth, Western Australia. I have just started    writing poetry again after 20 years after a lot of reading poetry.    My favourite poets are Dylan Thomas, Charles Bukowski and Allen  Ginsberg.

In The Dark Alley – Promote Yourself


He stood in the dark shaking
With wounded and bloody hands
Looking at the distant dawn breaking
Frozen in an empty alley, he stands
Slipping in the shadows
He manages to get to his house
Initially too shocked to grieve his woes
But, now he spends his day to carouse
Drinking to drown the pain
Trying to forget about her, desperately
Couldn’t help picturing how she’d twirl in rain
And, the fights they’d had lately
How he’d lost his temper
When she wanted to leave
How he’d stalked her
And, saw her talking to someone else in disbelief
He lurched forward and punched the other man
After a fight, successfully knocking him out
He looked up to see as she ran
Afraid of him, without a doubt
In that moment he knew she was gone
Along with his chance of ever winning her back
Whether he liked it or not, it was essential to move on
To leave the place that left him a wreck
He passed out drinking
Drowning in the memories
And, woke up with a new dawn breaking
Deciding to leave behind his worries
Little did he know he’d killed the man in his rage
Little did he know,
She’d saved him from getting immediately caught
Surprised he was when he saw his name on a package
Instructing him to run in the time bought
From a letter he learned the whole story
And, dedicated his life to right his wrong
For he was truly sorry
As every other day he carried along
The sin he’d committed “In The Dark Alley
By Grace Linton, 17. You can find this poem here on my blog: I’ve promoted two other poems via this blog-“Cold Night” and “Love And Loss”- and here’s another one. If you like my poetry, please follow me at:
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