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Does God Love Me? – Promote Yourself



He suffered and He died for you,

An agonising death on a ‘cross’

Tortured and crucified for you,

To save the sick, the lonely and the lost.


Black hearted Pilate washed his hands in a dish of delph,

It could have been in blood as much as in water.

He may as well have nailed Jesus to the cross himself,

For it was he who gave the fatal order.


They surrounded Him in the dark of night,

Armed guards with torches aglow;

The crowds milled expecting a fight,

But Jesus said, “It is I you seek, let the others go”.


On His Head a crown of black thorns they did add,

Their tips dipped in a deadly poison;

A practice that could drive ordinary men mad,

As the Blood of Christ turned those tips to crimson.


The mass of bleeding tissue was revealed,

As ruthless Romans scourged again and again;

Strips of skin were torn and peeled,

But not even once did Jesus complain.     


They mocked and insulted,

They ripped the cloak from blood congealed;

They pierced His Hands and His feet,

His back was like a furrowed field.


When they nailed Him to that cross,

They nailed our sickness and our sin;

They nailed your pain and your loss,

So you would learn the Kingdom  of God is within.


His friends who loved Him looked up and cried,

The sky darkened and clouds gathered as if nightfall;

When Jesus looked down at the mob, just before He died,

His Heart of Love still forgave them all.


He had created the very wood and also the nails,

And even the merciless men who drove them through;

Despite the leather whip with it’s leaded tails,

He pleaded, “Forgive them Father; they know not what they do”.


They took Him from the cross and gave Him to His Mother,

She cradled and she held this Blessed Fruit of her womb;

She cried for her baby that once she lay in a manger,

But now she prepared to lay her baby in a tomb.


However three days later the impossible happened,

And Mary’s pierced heart was healed;

She screamed with Joy as the tomb was opened,

Jesus had defeated death, to all it was revealed.


He had endured and He had triumphed, this story is true,

How He dispelled darkness with the light of love that day;

And He would suffer it all over again, even if for only you,

So that you too can live again in a most abundant way.


Who is this faithful man who now holds out His Hand?

This man who is always honest, always true.

Who speaks to pain and misery and it’s forever banned,

He is the one who will never leave or forsake you.


You may not know Him yet but He knew you before you were born,

He knows everything about you, your strength and your fragilities;

He loved you in the womb, before you were even formed,

And He will love you forever, and through all eternities.

Harry Toye

Thank you for ‘following’ and ‘liking’ my posts.  The professionalism exhibited on your site makes me blush but motivates me to try harder.

I love your poetry corner and would like to occasionally contribute and learn. I did the water poetry solely because of the week that is in it (World Water Day) and wasn’t intending on writing any more. However your site has inspired me to “try again”, having dabbled a year ago then couldn’t find/make time.

You have an interesting feature on “Love Poems”. Here is a Love Poem that fits the current season of LENT. (I’m currently working on a scriptural blog, separately).

I hope you like it.

Harry (in Ireland ).

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