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Daily Archives: March 21, 2014

Spirit of Love – Promote Yourself

love me





Faith Unlocked 

Love joyfully,
Love peace,
Love patiently,
Love kindly,
Love goodness,
Love faithfulness,
Love gently,
Be self-controlled,
Live by faith,
Pray in hope,
But in all things, always love.
by @FaithUnlocked

Quiet! – Promote Yourself







I hear my world better
when there are no words
closed library eyes see
eddying images churn
before being controlled
writing a new narrative
It’s kind of safer than
letting reality intrude
chapters re-positioned
shaded recollections
able-body paradigm
altered to glimmer
I require the world to
turn on my direction
allowed in silence
truths register deep
interpolated origins
finely recognized
Frances Macaulay Forde © 2013
Bio (50 words):  Poet Frances Macaulay Forde lives on the Sunset Coast or Australia.  Her words have been performed on stage and film, appeared in anthologies, chapbooks, newspapers, magazines and many places on the web. Although poetry is her first love (for her soul), Frances has many types of scripts available for producers.

Curious Creature – Promote Yourself






The concept is cruel; it waits and lurks,

Give it an hour to test and search,

like a black raven, pestering and prodding,

nevermore will it leave this earth.


Tearing out the eyes of men,

And ripping out each heart with ease,

give it time, let it in

and it could do as it pleased.


Curious is the black-feathered friend

that we usually mistake as a means to an end,

it lures us into a sense of calm

and strikes before we can defend.


It begins to unlock the doors of past memories,

One by one each latch slides open,

Doors in which were binded shut

now with seals lie broken.


And yet the raven still keeps prodding.

no way knowing its every plotting,

curious creature, it leaves no pride

but takes everything, leaving nothing.


Can you defend from someone so cunning?

Like the black raven who tells not of his coming;

his sole purpose to enslave you to Doubt,

don’t be so bold to go so willingly.


Stand firm and hold fast

And don’t consider it such a weighty task

For you are family to a father,

Who with one hand created the raven,

And could destroy it with the other.

My name is Justin Light. 
I live in Sydney Australia, currently studying to be a Music Teacher (Secondary). 
I love Blogging and writing. (Poetry, psychology, spiritual.)

Colours – Promote Yourself

blue skys

Its shining brighter ,
over pale blue skies,
Nature smiles,
feeling lighter ..
feeling paradise ..
same as blowing breeze
when it sorrounds you ,
touching your beauty –
kissing your smiles
its amazing.. incredible.. 
I know you are not mine ..
And I am not Yours
But there is somthing 
between you and me 
Its not the color of faces..
Not even link of words 
Its rhym of feelings..
Its not just a liking
but the expressions in it ♡♡Atul Shukla
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