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Daily Archives: March 23, 2014

Fish And Chips


Walking down the Hastings promenade

I stand and watch the fishing trawler net cascade

Seagulls following right behind

Swooping, diving, seeing what they can find

Holiday makers eating chips

Seagulls watch with an eagle eye

Looking at their fish and chips

Or any odd food bits

They will dive, and swoop,

Take a sandwich from your hand

Politeness they do not understand

They will come from miles

To pinch your chips

Happily on your head they will sit

If you come to Hastings or St Leonard on sea

Don’t forget seagulls love fish and chips

Just like you and me

Thomas Sims

Uncertainty – Promote Yourself




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Uncertainty clouds me
 clouds me,

it takes away my hopes
i loose my faith
it questions my strength,
i loose my peace .

emptiness engulfs my heart ,
it takes away my defiance 
it makes me aghast,
it takes away my blithe
it makes me pensive 

quiescence mocks me 
it takes away my words 
i loose my meaning
it takes away my heart
and i loose my soul

sanskriti dixit.

i know for sure now how u feel… so here’s a one for you my love . 

Again and Again – Promote Yourself

sea side
 I was the colour of the sand
you pushed me upon
and you were the
colour of the Sun,
as  we frolicked
in its warmth.
the colour of sky
upon our feet…
with bubbling white hope
here and there…
Our laughter
echoed to the passing ships….
as we fell in love
again and again.
 By Phusathi Liyanaarachchi,Sri Lanka
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