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Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

I am A Kite , I love Skies.. – Promote Yourself



I am a kite , I love skies
Beholden on your strings,
Have flattened my wings,
to cover my empire..
I dance on your wish,
to play my love,
and to romance with westerlies,
I feel your jerks,
to raise myself high..
On the directions of your fingers
by sound of flickering eyes
Giving push to my side ends,
To endorse your desires..
Because …
I am Kite , I love my sky…

soy una cometa , amo el ceilo…”

Atul Shukla

Daughter of Eve – Tribute to Women -Promote Yourself

You are the calm warm breeze
that blew landwards,
from a stormy sea..
the shooting star,
that was Earth bound
that caught fire
for the world to wish upon her.
You are the
shadow of love…
The blazing flame that emerged
from the cold…
The twist in life
that made the fairytale
You mothered the child,
Wived the man
and forgot yourself
in being
what you were born.
You are
a daughter of Eve,
a dazzling beauty –
so wild and true …
one of your kind.
You are the Universe,
in its feminine
the divine
a beautiful mind.
Phushati Kachchayana

NOT ONE OF THOSE – Promote Yourself

poetry mmmmmmmmmmmmm


I’m not one of those who likes

to rhyme, I write in other times;

distinctly cut from another tree,

if you’re looking for rhyme, that’s not me.


Yet, still I like to read of others

their rhyming kind of poems, who 

prefer to let me live alone and have

my tree but speak their minds —


’tis not a burden,you see,

our rhythm is aligned and close 

enough in silent rhymes.



So break the wine and celebrations out

there is nothing for us to whine; ’tis time

for us to sing and shout, time for fun and

games and merry exhilaration.     


 Ronald Joseph Kule 

Free Right

travel mode

We all do want the same things.

We just go about travels differently.

In an auto, train or passage way

whatever the mode of operandi,

we are really all the same

in our efforts to find definition.

There are the people we seem to judge

with interior pillars of marble in their homes.

Hard to climb over such monstrous facades

we choose to simply walk away,

wishing we might sometime find a key

inside their hearts. Or is it surely a travesty

to imagine,

to hope,

to pray,

to one day, some day, any day now

figure out a way?


We all do want the same things.

Imagine a world where resentments

in the term itself, with all of its bitter construct

hate and anger and spoil and envy,

become obsolete in their ability

to linger

in our hearts,

that one place where the ache remains.

At the end of the day

when figuring how long we might run this course



beaten upon by our own fists,

might we then find that eventual passion,

the shattered Albatross

of self-evident triumph!


We all do want the same things.

At the end of the day

no matter the sway

of our thinking, of our Nature,

of our committed course challenged,

there lies in our own lies,

the reality of desire and hope and dreams.

For no matter the brick and mortar,

who cares the fabrics and linens,

ignore the perfumes and makeup,

for they all give sadly new credence

to our ever present reality.

We are a simple lot

to recognize our vehicle we traverse

is in our heart and soul,

well rooted rather

than focused upon the eye’s desire.

© Thom Amundsen 2014

Old and Frail – Promote Yourself

Weakened eyes, graying hair
She sits in the balcony
From her eye, fell a single tear
As she looked at the rising sun
So beautiful, on the horizon

With no one around
She feels so lonely
A remote house, without any sound
Her children left for they were all grown
With a family of their own

They treated her like a burden
Cared little for her wellbeing
They just wanted her money, she knew for certain
To them, she would be useful when dead
Useful, only on her death bed

Still, she somehow carries on
Till the day her life would end
And, she would be gone…
I wish I knew why people fail
To love the “Old and Frail”

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Moving On – Promote Yourself

You were my one and only desire
I liked you though never conspired
You were my dream, my ideal soul mate
I wonder why I never asked you out on a date


Those amazing hours of chitchat,
Btw you look beautiful with a hat.
I was dying to hear your heart-filled tone
Little did I know that I got friend-zoned


Days came and went without your call,
I secretly kept wishing to take you to a ball.
After classes we hardly got any chances to meet,
Only after exams did we get time to greet.


There were a million times I thought of telling,
But somehow something kept me from calling.
I wanted a chance to be your guy
But to you I was just another guy!


I waited long enough to give you time to get in groove
It hasn’t happened and I’ve decided to move.

Freundliche Grüße / Best Regards,

Raj Vora

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