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Daily Archives: March 25, 2014

That lion there – Promote Yourself


That lion there,
the one with splotchy, mangy hair
who lies in shade far from his lair
and pants last labored breaths of air —

He once was bold and fierce and strong
and where he walked the weary throng
of meaty prey gave way and long they
watched lest he charge their way.

He once was young, a cub just born
who clung to mother’s teats and wore no
caution nor no wisdom yet —
essentials that would help him get to lionhood.

And if he could, that lion there
would soon return to those times where
his strength and youth were fresh and fair
and he could do whatever he would do.

by L. Stewart Marsden

Copyright © L. Stewart Marsden, 25 March, 2014

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Go on – Promote Yourself

                    mending hopes
                     building dreams
                     my life is…
                      yet voidness
                       always drags
                       me down…
                      time is ever
                       on the run
                      better keep pace with..
                       all along my way
                       i’ve realized
                       there’s so much to be done….
                 (by: Sharon Calingasan)

Developing Decay – Promote Yourself



Blighted atrophy corrodes the cities,

Decomposition and degeneration run ripe,

Society deteriorates and disintegrates before our eyes,

Decadence plagues our senses, and we allow it,

The crumbling decline, failing and fading away,

Our downfall disillusioned by depreciation,

Degeneracy is now the human way,

Gangrenous mankind limps on,

Perishing mortification rotting what we could be,

Putrefied and petrified, is all hope abandoned?

Senescence with ruin and rust we waste,

Withering we shiver through our last dying days,

Yet inside we can righteously develop

The growth of new cells to better ways,

Improvement is ours to provocatively create,

Elegantly we can flourish between the stars,

Morality is not dead, we can strengthen, ascend,

Rise, ripen, constructing new ways and new ideals

To increase integrity, plume philosophy,

Worthiness is not just a dream for those eloquent dreamers,

But germination of heart and mind is the key,

The wholeness of the human race is indispensable,

Fundamental to the survival of us all.

Phen Weston


The Bone-Pickers – Promote Yourself

in lazy slow round circles;
their flight like narrowing funnels;
they light on soft-padded claws
Then bob and weave and haw
with eyes on carrion morsels:
the bits and pieces of once-vibrant things,
now nothing but bone and sinew and chunk-white fat
with red-brown meat, drying, lying like that in the sun.

The bone-pickers
ogle and waddle and gobble in order,
positioned by age and weight and strength,
Peck and tear at length till
what remains are bleached and white.

A gust billows, and hot pillows of grainy dust
Swirl and curl aloft – spin brief tornadic dances and die.
The bone-pickers stretch necks, preen feathers and cry to each other,
then wing their weary way back
in lazy slow circles;
shrinking in hot-sunned air
till barely there
until another sole soul
lies down with vacant stare.

by L. Stewart Marsden

You Matter. – Promote Yourself

I see you.
I want you to know, I understand.
You are not forgotten,
Displaced or even misplaced…
You matter in this universe.
You have value. You are beloved.

.You are created exactly the way you are supposed to be.
This wasn’t a mistake, you are critical in the Grand Design.
I understand that you may feel lost.
I will try my very best to be your voice when words fail,

I will feed you when you are hungry,
With all of the resources I have been given;
Spiritually, emotionally, and in a tangible way.
You, Matter.

Even when you feel you have been left behind,
I hear you. I see you. I worry with you.
I know you exist. I know your struggle.
I struggle too. Your struggle is my struggle too.

I refuse to judge what you do or do not do with what
I will, I can, and I am able to provide.
That, is not in my design.

If you have made mistakes, too few or too many, as I have,
Even when you are in a precarious, obsequious position…
I know you matter.
Together, we matter.

SM Cadman

Trips in Her Room – Promote Yourself

“I am everything I hate”, she stares in the mirror and says
before turning around to watch the acid-wash walls 
melt all around her into a puddle of slimy hypocrisy. 
Eyes black and disheveled, she chuckles sarcastically 
and mutters: “looks just like it did in the horror movies”, 
and thinks about watching them on the green couch long ago, 
before everything changed.
She resumes her position, peering into the mirror incessantly, 
as if she could find solace on the other side. 
With no expected response, she asks,
“Where do I go now?” 
There’s something sweet in the emptiness of silence, 
yet something pathetic in the inquiry of unanswerable questions. 
I guess that’s what happens when an unbloomed flower is picked, 
just to sit tightly bound in plastic wrap,
before reaching its final resting place at your friendly local landfill.   

-Victoria Mendicino

Hello friends and fellow poets!

I am an English major at DePaul University in Chicago, and I am totally new to the blogging community. All my creative writing and poetry is done for myself, and I have just recently began trying to get my work out there, without really knowing how to do so; and I am so excited to have found your site! My poems have a personal aspect to them, and I truly express myself through my work.
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