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Daily Archives: March 28, 2014

Photosynthesis for Everyone – Promote Yourself


Daft pond-scum floating
on the crest, the phototrophs
consuming the light

depleting our shared
rays of nourishing thought, shone
for all but dispensed

by One, they* suck the
life-blood away from the shoal
below, plunging us

further into the
murky depths of extinction

block the flow of Life.
Until, the One above skims
away the algae…

SM Cadman

By Fist or By Fury – Promote Yourself



The scars on my knuckles lie

Like her eyes when they pretend they’re not looking my way.

I sip on weak coffee—knuckles looking tough

like I’ve  fought for things I believed in

and whether or not I won or lost is no matter, because at least I got my shots in.

I see her look at me.

Then avert her gaze down to her papers or at her nails and

it makes me nervous so I fondle my cigarettes in my shirt’s pocket and

I try to sit up straight and look presentable and

not spill my coffee on my shirt and

try to pretend like I don’t notice her.

I try to play it cool.

I hardly know her but I want to show her everything:

the craggy shoreline on the coast of Maine where my spirit guide gave me everything we’ll ever need;

the god-saint willow tree in Amsterdam that I spoke to one twisted afternoon that told me the answer to every question she could ever ask me;

or the beaches of Borinquen, where the trades rustle the palms and the sun laps at your face and you can’t help but smile.

I don’t know if it’s her fem-me fa-tale bangs and bright red lipstick that drives me wild, or the way she pretends to look right through me . . .

But like my knuckles that lie, I’ve never fought for a single thing that I believe in—

love and lust and light included—

and I probably won’t fight for her.

Jared T. Hay




Forgive me for what I have done,

My thoughts were only for me,

No thought of hurting others,

I just wanted to be free.


Free from all the confusion,

Free from all the pain,

For I went to the depths of despair,

Never to return again.


I tried all that was available,

But life was dragging me down,

In the depths of darkness,

No light for me was found.


I know friends and family,

Were always on my side,

I know all the worry that I caused,

And the things I used to hide.


Thank you for all the love and care,

I am sorry I caused you pain,

But now the clouds of confusion have lifted,

And I see more clearly again.


God bless all who love me,

For its that love that gave me hope,

I have found a new life,

In a world where I can cope.


Now is the time to study,

To search until I find,

The answers to my questions,

That gives me peace of mind.


I know that I have found it,

For my mind is now clear and bright,

Please to help me recover,

By sending all your prayers tonight.


Malcolm G Bradshaw 

Clump of pages

He missed a chapter in his book,
Like he missed the time before he took,
A lapse in time,
When eye lids shut;
In comfort ages,
That clump of pages.
Missing sand in seaside places,
And falling rain on sun burnt faces.
Eye lids open,
But nearly shut,
Back he turned,
In his clump of pages.
By John Fox
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