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Inner Beauty – Promote Yourself


She adorned the glass window display
Refracting the light falling on her
Such was her shine, passers by aspired
Such was her price, she set hearts on fire!

She was a beauty, a lovely creation
Made after all permutations and combinations
White pearls picked up from oysters on the blue ocean floor
You can’t find pearls that big anymore!

She commanded absolute respect for her elegance,
She had been created with diligence.
She was the prefect piece befitting a Princess,
Inside her benign polish resided a tempest

She would make her wearer proud
And help her stand out in the crowd
The style waited peacefully for her rightful owner
Little did he know it would be the gentleman standing in the corner

The gentleman bought the necklace for his daughters 21st birthday
And asked her to wear it to the ball the next day
She pondered as her father paved the necklace around on her
Her step sister noticed it while she was trying a coat of fur

She thought of the need to deck upto find a suitable match
For her the character was the main catch
As she lay on her bed wide awake, she wondered about the Prince
Whether he would fall for her rather than her neckpiece

Finally the day arrived when the Castle was decorated with lights
Women kept coming to the ball from places far out of sight.
The Prince welcomed them to Castle, it was a sight to behold
He was a man of honour, exactly as his stories were told.

They all looked pretty; decked up from head to toe,
His charisma won many hearts, much to the ire of his foes.
Surrounded by pretty women, he thought he had it all
Still he kept searching for something missing in the ball

She searched for the necklace bit out was nowhere to be found
She felt bad for letting he father down
Late as she was, she put on her evening dress
And started walking towards the Castle in distress

She arrived, with the fear of not being one among the others
And saw her step sister
with the necklace, taking to her step mother 
She felt relieved for her necklace was found, 
Her step sister saw her and got astound

Women looked down upon her for the sin of not getting decked
Their disapproval invoked her self confidence, now there was no way she was heading back
She tried appeasing them with her smile
It enlarged the friends more than the length of River Nile!

Fear and shame gripped her sister
She realized he mistake and apologized to her sister
She smiled and let it go
And her step sister to not let it bother her anymore

Finally she got to interact with the Prince
He had earlier caught her glimpse
They both got talking and liked each others company
He realized what was missing earlier – her symphony!

The Prince invited her to the cathedral,
Its magnanimity was no less than the carnival
He hoped his proposal wouldn’t turn out to be a catastrophe
For without her, his life would be without hope!

He bent down on his knee, swearing the old gods and the new
She stood still for the apocalypse, it helped that viewers were only few
He said he liked her simplicity and character
And would be obliged if she married him after!

She was glad and felt the ground beneath revolving
Joy played its own little game, tears of gained wouldn’t stop falling. 
She accepted his proposal with water filled eyes,
Rockets burst bright that night in the skies!


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