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HER MELANCHOLY – Promote Yourself


A little more he was sufficient for her,
More dismal was she for him

A little more pain he caused her,
Some more love she poured on him

A little more she illuminated his life,
A little more he somber hers

A little more love she transcend for him,
more waspish he was to her

A little harm he did to her,
Some more charmed she was of him,

A little ill fare was he for her,
Big welfare was she for him

A little detrimental he was to her,
A lot Beneficial was she for him

A little more he damaged her,
Some more broken pieces of her heart she kept intact for him

A little more attempt she made to be happy,
A little more sorrow he added in her life

A little more she made an effort to smile,
A bit more sullen he made her feel

A little more she was cheerful to him,
A little more he was morose to her

A little more he stabbed her,
A little bit more she realized it

The love was filled only within her,
Sadistically he took her last breathe away

A little later there was no more of her,
more frivolous was his life without her

His days turned dark, his night was now mournful,
Death was now alluring to him, and he preferred to be with her.

Fatima Mudhesh

Winter Madness – Promote Yourself


Stepping outside into the wintry air,
I feel chills up my fine arm hair.
Winter coats on backs of everybody,
Not a mere accessory, forgotten by folly.

Umbrellas, sitting broken in rubbish bins,
forgotten. Against the wind they’ll never win.
Straightened hair, blowing wildly everywhere,
You’ll soon learn to wear a beanie out here.

Short skirts? Don’t bother with those,
Unless you fancy a nice snotty nose.
Swimsuits? They’re non existant.
Find yourself a snowsuit in an instant.

Late night clubbing? 
No thank you, Not any more.
How about dinner at home,
With the fire a-roar.

Planning holidays, down to the snow.
It’s where all of the cool kids go.
Bought some new snow pants, thanks Mum! 
Show them off boarding, as I fall on my bum.

Winter ain’t all bad, not in my mind.
There’s plenty to enjoy you’ll find.
Of course If you don’t find rain, wind & snow fun..
You could always go on holiday for some tropical sun.

-Molly Golightly





I have watched and listened,

At what men say and do,

Of blunders made,

That has affected me and you.


The struggle for power,

The struggle for greed,

Stimulates mans ego,

On all of these they feed.


Minds full of material things,

To obtain the very best,

They walk all over the little man,

Who to them is just a pest?


Their are more things in life,

Than money possession and power,

The whole universe surrounds you,

To inspire you hour by hour.


There are many ways to success,

By helping those in need,

The satisfaction that they obtain,

By doing a good deed.


So to succeed in life,

The material life as well,

Combine the two together,

Let them merge and jell.


When you have achieved the balance,

Your out look on life will be,

A clearer understanding,

Of things you do and see.


Malcolm  Bradshaw  

The Rats (here they come) – Promote Yourself


The rats of potent truth
come at night
to eat my bones
learn my secrets
They know
me too well now
my flavour is beginning
to sour
They realize
their pursuit has been
a waste of time

There is no new information
in my organs

My heart tastes like
Sangria and buttered toast,
the arteries are clogged
plastic love

Being With You

When I’m
with you
I’m not with me
and that is both
the solution
the problem

At it’s very
root canal
you are the water in my oil
and connected
combined by
our immune systems
breathing each other
Intertwined, no, interwoven
together like
Man and nature

In Bed

Draw circles
on her belly
with pen

She laughs
at how I

I am a
hairy furnace
She is
my cold purpose

She can have
most of
the blankets

I just need
her there
with goosebumps

giving me
a reason
to see how beautiful
a life can be

Jordan Kelloway

…and everyone should have paid attention – Promote Yourself

The Angels have overslept
and left you lying
your face trailing off
your hands grasping in vain
It is (oh!) so unjust
to be left behind
it is (oh!) so inhuman
to be still alive
the Gods were occupied
and left you dying
your spirit fading low
your body parting away
It is (oh!) so unjust
to be left behind
it is (oh!) so inhuman
to be still alive
The Spirits have languished
and left me crying
my mind fighting out
my heart struggling along
…and everyone should have paid attention
when time could have been reversed
too late now:
Only flowers can follow your flight home
Eva van Beek, 
 Dear Poetreecreation

I visited  your blog today and saw your call to send in poems, which I could not resist. So I am sending you two of my poems, which you  liked on my blog . They are below. And I am very happy to send them. If you can publish one of them on your blog that of course would be fabulous. But regardless of that: thank you for the great initiative and promoting poetry on your blog, I think it is fabulous!

Cold Night – Promote Yourself


She stood in the middle of the street,
Picturing the ruins of her life
Unable to move her feet;
Unable to see the way forward 

Pushing down all her emotions
Delaying the inevitable,
And wondering about prohibited notions.
Grasping desperately to keep hold but slipping away…

In the cold she feels lost
The spark draining from her ambitious eyes
Being punished and paying the cost
Of the sins never committed

Now she stands alone, ready to fade away 
Ready to be gone… without having her say

By Grace Linton

Here’s the link of this post on my blog:

My blog:

Not Just A Pretty Face! – Promote Yourself


It was a usually busy day,

He was an opportunist in the sun; making hay,

He was ambitious, always thinking what next,

His focused approach made him the best!


He believed in working hard partying harder,

He was a man who had it all; no need to look any further.

As much as he was smart, he had an equally good physique,

He was charismatic; with looks as good as Enrique.


He believed in challenges; always going for the girl hard to get,

Blond or brunette, he would take all to bed!

In the morning, they would find a note that would break their heart,

He would be nowhere to be found, for office he would have depart.


It was the weekend; he was waiting for the day to end,

For he was going to ‘Club Verdant’ as usual to hang out with his best friend.

Little did he know he would meet a hot date;

Though it wasn’t due to fate….


She was standing backward as they arrived,

He checked her bountiful ass from the side.

She seemed to come from south; her back was sun tanned,

It’s going to be an interesting night; he pondered while ordering a beer can.


Finally she turned around,

Her beauty made him go astound.

Her eyes were lost; lost in search of a known face,

She was anxious as she scanned the bar again with pace.


Her hair shined in the neon light,

Her sex appeal made him never lose her sight.

Standing away but not far he followed,

‘A Pretty Face’ he said to his friend as he swallowed.


She seemed challenging enough to pursue,

Her tanned skin was gorgeous, he felt like touching it through.

She was going to be his story for office tomorrow,

About how another pretty face fell in his burrow.


Determined, he walked towards her and offered her to buy her a drink,

She joked she was a prostitute and wouldn’t mind a drink!

He was shocked; took out a cigarette to smoke,

She couldn’t hold her laughter any further, and gave away the joke!


She had caught him being judge mental; which she didn’t like,

And started to walk away towards her bike.

He pleaded her to give him a second chance,

Ensuring his friend didn’t hear him by chance with a glance.


They talked about themselves over drinks;

He had a Bloody Martini, while she ordered Slinky Mink.

She was a journalist from south, here on an official errand,

And was waiting for her boss’s official command


Every drink he had made her an irresistible desire,

He couldn’t help staring at her attire;

It was time to take her to the apartment and show her who was the man,

She happily obliged; though she had a different plan…


He started kissing her as he closed the door,

He couldn’t wait and wanted to do it on the floor.

She caressed his hair as she undressed him;

Hard it was to calm him down and bed him.


She stopped his hands as he tried to unzip her dress

And tied them to the bed asking him not to be stressed.

He was excited for he had never been dominated ever before;

Patience was killing him; for he wanted more…


She blindfolded him, asking him to feel the passion,

Candles burned bright that night; as he waited for action.

She removed a whip from her handbag and struck hard on his chest,

He screamed with agony, trying to hold his best!


As the whip lashing continued, he begged for stopping,

Pleading to untie him for his heart was throbbing.

He waited; planning what he would do to her once she untied him;

She had scarred his body; there was no one who could rescue him.


Finally, she removed the blindfold over his eyes and stopped the beat;

She was clicking his pictures while he tried his best to hide in sheets.

His picture was going to make it to the press,

The sight of a lying womaniser undressed!


As she packed her stuff, she gave him a final advice,

Never to consider women as objects of pleasure if he was wise.

The article exposed him on-line and spread like fire,

His self confidence was shattered; to face the world outside he had no desire.


Friends shunned him along with his boss,

His life had gone for a toss;

He frightened at the sight of a good looking woman,

And understood it was wise in being a good human!


He kept rereading the note she had left beside his bed,

It explained how he screwed her friend’s life and left her soul dead.

The article was for all the women he ditched; to give them hope,

And the note was for him to remember to not grope.


Days passed; he finally got to his feet to find a new job,

He skipped town; for the memories of the night made him sob.

At least he learnt that night how much could he brace,

He laughed finally, noting that she was NOT ‘Just a Pretty Face’!

– By Raj Vora

WASTED YOUTH – Promote Yourself


Who should we blame?
We are the new creation,
You want us to close our eyes.
Lie and blew up this nation.

We are watching you destroy the laws and the system.
Don’t point fingers.
Don’t let us scream your names.
Don’t tell us to wave and smile.

We are the wasted youth.
You should be afraid.
You’ll die one day.
We’ll rule one day.

No false accusation!
No more affliction.
No more poor civilization.
Fill the words with discretion.

Let us do the war
with words and prayers.
Let them dance in the flames
and suffer with money and fame.

You shelter yourselves with our skin.
You put your guns through our heads.
while the children starve and cry.
When the mothers got beaten up and die.

We are the wasted youth,
watch your body rot.
We are the wasted youth.
You will see that we are not.

– Patricia Frades From the Philippines

The midnight hour



When the sun sets

And the day is devoured

I finally reflect

In the midnight hour

Did I have a productive day

Will I progress in the month of May

Will tomorrow run as fine

Will I ever write that very last line

When the sun has set

And the day is devoured

I finally reflect

In the midnight hour

Tea on tap

Computer in hand

Sitting in silence

Isn’t life grand

Gillian Sims


Fleeting – Promote Yourself


The last purple petal of a petunia

finally falls.

See: shriveling sunflowers,

decadent daffodils, dying dandelions,

and wilting wisteria.

Not even the scarlet shade

of the alluring amaranth lasts.


The autumn of the heart:

The fatal fall of all the fiber of fantasies.

Withered will be those that were once

blissfully blooming;

faded and hazed will be

the floral hues,

and then we will witness the wild white winter

freezing the heavily hapless heart.


The mercurial memories,

the frosty fissures of

reveries reminiscent of a once relentless river,

and all the fleeting fables of forever—

Ours was a blossom of an ephemeral flower.


by Jade Mark Capiñanes, Philippines

“Rays to the ground” – Promote Yourself


Here we stand in the veil of the sun

Soft burn over last night’s bliss

Give me all that’s left in light concealed

A promise so deep it can drown, a kiss


Here the threads of mercy were spun

No cloak but a summer dress

Throw the wheel against years presumed lost

Without fear of joy, without tears possessed


In twelve sudden years our tent was raised

In one night’s slow pleasure, burned


Now the trust of the trail must be won

Fall these careful steps can’t vex

Give her your gorgeous warmth when I go

A promise to keep, hold true to the next

I am a Mediocre! – Promote Yourself


I try to see it all
Any hidden truth
Or malicious intent
Try to listen carefully
To the body language
And making eye contact
I prefer to listen
Rather than talking
Do my best to appear
Wise and sombre
But I am a mediocre

Jack of all trades
Know that my awareness
Is kind of supercilious
And I believe honestly
Honesty can be a daunting policy!
I’m an introvert, but try
To be a likeable personality
But am intimidated easily
I want to win the game
Difficult to stick to a schedule
A procrastinator, no hard worker

The Street Children.- Promote Yourself


children selling flowers

On the streets of my metro
Little kids are begging
Or disguising begging with selling
Balloons or silly toys
Curbing their own urge to play
Wind shields of swanky cars cleaning
Or flowers selling
Young girls get prepositions
From the unscrupulous people
Criminals and drug pushers
The city streets are not meant
For the children

The hungry and underfed
The sick and unwell
The kidnapped and runaways
The crippled and the mained
People collecting donations
Which always go missing
And nobody taking responsibility
We are all a bit uneasy
When faced with such a query

Death – Promote Yourself


Where Do I Begin..

Im Going To Let Everyone In..

What Runs Through My Mind..

That’s Hard To Leave Behind..

Its Called Death..

When Will I Take My Last Breath..

Will It Be Tomorrow Or In A Few Years..

Who Will Laugh Who Will Shed Tears..

Who Will Grieve And Who Will Not Care..

That I’m No Longer There..

Who Will Think About Me Day After Day…

Whose Lives Will I Effect In The Worst Way..

That’s All I Think About..

Am I On The Way Out..

Or Am I Staying Here For Awhile..

Who Will Cry And Who Will Smile..

My Death Will Leave Whose Face Wet..

But Those Are Answers I’ll Never Get..

See Death Weighs On My Mind..

And It’s Hard To Leave It Behind..

Will I Become Blind..

Or Will I Become Deaf…

Before My Death..

I Dont Know How My Life Will Be Affected..

Will I Slowly Start Getting Neglected..

And Will I Be Left All Alone…

To Fight Death On My Own..

Will I Die In My Home..

This Is The Thought My Mind Keeps Repeating..

The Same Thought I Continuously Try Deleting…

But No Success..

So Here I Am To Stress…

And Continuously Think Of This Subject..

I Know My Past Is Not Perfect..

But That Is What Im Trying To Correct..

So Hopefully If I Die I Can Resurrect..

But That Is Far Fetched..

Couldn’t Even Reach That If I Stretched..

So I Guess When I Die I’m Gone For Good…

I Would Delete This Thought If I Could..

I Know I Should..

If I Can Delete It I Would..

But I Try Every Possible Solution..

And Its Just Filling My Mind With Pollution..

It Doesn’t Work Not Even A Little…

Its Like I’m Stuck In The Middle..

Between Life And Death..

Wondering If This Is My Last Breath..

So That’s What I Think About Every Day..

I Think About It In Every Way..

It Leaves Me Speechless With Nothing To Say..

I Try To Delete It And I’m Still Trying..

But My Continuous Thought Is About Dying..

So Now That I Let Everybody In..

I’ll Continue To Think About Death Like I’ve  Been..

Mark Patella

           © 2014 PureSkillz.  All Rights Reserved 

BREAKING POINT – Promote Yourself


I’m at my breaking point,
I have had enough,
I would never had agreed to this,
If I knew it’d be this tough.

No more Grandad visits,
I’m definitely sure,
I’m so sick of screaming,
My throat is feeling sore.

Kids aren’t angels; I know,
But they’re not as bad as today,
I couldn’t believe my eyes,
When they behaved this way.

They have finally stopped screaming,
And have finally calmed down,
I am so not amused,
Can you see the size of my frown?

So, I am at my breaking point,
I grind my teeth and cry,
Never again this will happen,
And don’t he dare ask me why! 

I open a bottle of wine,
I pour myself a drink,
Thank god the kids are sleeping,
My mood flipping stinks.

I’m so angry right now,
I don’t know why,
But grandad turns my kids to monsters,
And it makes me wanna cry.

 Michelle MacKenzie

Poetry competition – Promote Yourself

The ghosts of my past follow me to the brink
Madness consumes every thought I think
demons rise as I fall short in dark in the worse way
A new life, a nightmare that begins with my dismay

This great burden has taken everything away
It took my heart my soul and my spirit in a day
I’ve walked the paths where no men dare tread near
Where the weak die young and brave knights fear

I’ve been in battles with monsters that took many a good men
Battles that I’d hope no one would have to go through again
Loses that we’re unthinkable tragedies across the land
When you fall to green and corruption nothing is as planned

Your mind is consumed by the temptation of feeling you
But the happiness and good feeling become kind of see through
In the grip of addiction your mind and art suffer
end of the road finding a new highs gets tougher

It’s always Golden brown, pink or white 
keeps me awake till morning light,
Love eternity for the place I’ve been,
A cruel love affair with the taste sin,
needle of vice hangs from a vain,
cold sweats bloody nose chest pain,
little spirit left my soul starts to fade,
deal with the devil, my life has been paid.

Standing on a mountain, it’s more then I could of wished,
My addictions fallen into a bottomless
As i turn tears start to fall and i raised my fist,
I Scream “your now history and you shall not be missed”

Joseph Luke Shiakallis

Maybe – Promote Yourself


Maybe we need to look at the world in a different way ,
Maybe everything is okay ,
Maybe everything falls into the right place everyday , 
Maybe everything is supposed to be the way it is ,              
Maybe nothing is amiss ,
Maybe we only see the worst ,
Maybe we only see that the world is cursed ,
Maybe we don’t see that we are blessed ,
Maybe there is still some humanity left ,
Maybe beyond all the abductions and all the theft ,
There is a brighter planet ,
Maybe that’s the truth and you can’t hide it or ban it , 
Maybe we should no longer live scared ,
Maybe this world is multi-layered.
-Rohan Rajpal

To My Father on Father’s Day – Promote Yourself


Dad, I called you this morning.
I thought of you today.
I think of you often even though you are far away.
As I do every day, not just on Father’s Day.
Every day I wonder how you’re doing.
I pray for you every day.


We may be miles apart.
I may not see you much.
But I know I can depend on you when life gets tough.
I love you. Nothing can ever take your place.
In my heart you always will have a special place.


I may have been raised by my mother as a single parent years down the line.
But nothing will ever replace the love I have for you.
When I called you were there, right on time.
You’ve been there for me through the good and bad.
You taught me things I could not have learned from my mother but only from my Dad.


I remember when I graduated from college twice you weren’t one to fly.
But you were the first one to walk off the plane full of joy and pride.
At my graduation words could not express how proud you were of me.
As you stood in the aisle, with a smile on your face, and blocked the view
Of others who couldn’t  see.


You are my role model.
You taught me how to be strong.
You taught me the importance of education.
And assured me I didn’t have to fit in to belong.


You always told me to keep my “eyes on the prize”
To make decisions not based on ignorance, but to be strong and wise
When I found trouble lurking, your words motivated me.
You are intelligent.
You were driven and a hard-worker.
You inspired me.


You taught me the value of life.
You instilled encouragement and inspiration.
You cemented in me the value of obedience and dedication.
You were one-half of another person God sent, my mother, who gave me life.
I thank you both in admiration for your sacrifice.


You told me to be the best I could be.
In essence, I am a replica of you, a “mini-me.”
I’m thankful you taught me how to appreciate who I am and be me.
I’m fearless, confident, smart, and intelligent.
These are some of the things I have you to thank for it.



You’re my ………..

​ ​

Friend, a father, a foe who set the foundation for many things
You’re  ………….. Audacious, not afraid of anything
I hold on to ………… Treasured memories that stood the test of time
My ………………………

​ ​

Heart will always belong to you until the end of time
I appreciate …………… Everything you do
I honor this day in ……. Remembrance of you


 Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you.



Your daughter

Joaynn D

​I wrote this poem to my Dad for Father’s Day. At a time when I couldn’t find a card with the right things I needed to say. So I dedicated this poem to him on that day. And called and read it to him on Father’s Day. He was ecstatic.  Tears welled in my eyes. I too, was elated. He was full of pride. I could sense the glean in his eye and the joy in his heart, even though we were on the phone. If nothing else, when I leave this earth, I know I touched his heart in the most extraordinary way I’ve ever known. Here’s the poem that I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.

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