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Soliloquy – Promote Yourself


I enter from Stage Left
onto my stage,
not his stage,
but, his stage;
and cross down center
to enter the spot of light
to deliver his words,
not my words,
but, my words,
to my audience,
not his audience,
but, his audience.

And I speak every syllable,
every word,
every sentence,
every paragraph
of his thoughts,
not my thoughts,
but, my thoughts
with the passion and force
that were his,
not mine,
but, mine.

And in that bath of light,
his light,
not my light,
but, my light,
I luxuriate and bask
as he did
on his stage
with his audience
in the applause
that was his applause,
not my applause,
but, my applause.

And I think
his thought,
not my thought,
but, my thought:
The play’s the thing.

Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 3 April, 2014

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