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Earth Day – Promote Yourself

earth day

Once again, Earth Day is ahead
Awareness will still be spread
Among the deaf and the dead
While species are sent to a deathbed,
While millions of people are underfed,
While we still sense environmental dread
Permeating the air, water and land
Don’t you think nothing remained unsaid?
Feelings of compassion  won’t amend
What has been done by a bloody hand
Why not turn to actions instead?
Let’s make Earth Day every day and night
Let’s be willing to lend a hand and donate
And join every environmentalists’ parade
Let’s stop plants and animal trade
And be part of every anti-poaching brigade
Let’s take measures against every oil spill
And protect wilderness from every oil drill
Let’s confront every unethical company
And make everything environmentally friendly
None over natural resources has supremacy
Only those who care for the globe safety
© Chaouki M’kaddem
April 4th, 2014

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