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Daily Archives: April 5, 2014

King of the Land of Forget – Promote Yourself


My father’s king of the Land of Forget
and can never remember a thing,
from his crown to his robe to his scepter or ring
my dadly king cannot ever bring 
himself to get up and away at the start of each day
because of what’s slipped from his mind.

Regardless of all that he does to remind
himself of a long list of things,
he continues to rue and regret all the things that he let
disappear in the Land of Forget.

Tho’ he’s tied colorful strings
round his fingers and toes
and sticks stickies upon his large nose,
my father — the king of the Land of Forget
forgets wherever he goes.

Of course the very worst times of the year
which he fears as the worst to remember —
those three little months he forgets more than once:
September, November, December.

But he’s ever a part of my singular heart
and I’ll love him — no matter what goes
though his memory is short, he will always hold court
as the king of the Land of Forget —
and this he will evermore know.

by L. Stewart Marsden
Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 5 April, 2014

Did – Promote Yourself

Words of Words,
Books of Words,
Words of Books,
Books of Books,
All drugged, dazed and drunken,
All displeased, discontent and disposed,
And did.
What Words of Words,
Books of Words,
Words of Words,
Books of Books,
All did not intend to do,
They did.
-HM (c)

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Musings of an Existence – Promote Yourself


If I could have one wish,

If I could have just one wish,

I’d wish this life of mine to be nothing but a fleeting dream


To be the dancing flame

The endless sky

And ever flowing river

I dreamt to be

To never again feel the loneliness of life

To erase the existence that is me

by Jian Zafra 

Thank you for taking your time to read this short poem. MOre power to you guys and God bless.

Alarm-Ten – Promote Yourself




If I should die whilst wearing this watch,

Then surely at 10, this alarm would go off.

It goes off again at 10 the next day,

as body and mind continue decay.

Weeks pass and the skin begins to sag,

but the alarm, at 10, continues its nag.

The cats have had enough and the dogs too,

of this incessant ringing, with skin rotten blue.

With the canines jaw and snip of the tooth,

all were relieved as the watch was let loose.

A plan was devised to rid of this thing,

so that deranged dog, he began to dig.

He dug a hole measuring of 1 foot 2 inches,

and into the hole, the watch he threw in it.

“Tis but a problem for the worms”, he thought in his head,

as that naughty dog doth lay in my bed.

12 years unnoticed have come and gone,

and you can believed that at 10, that watch had still rung.

At 13 years that dog had passed,

and over that watch, his body was cast.

— The Arknark

Dylan Piper


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