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If ever I saw blessing in the air 
I see it now in this still early day 
Where lemon-green the vaporous morning drips 
Wet sunlight on the powder of my eye. 

Blown bubble-film of blue, the sky wraps round 
Weeds of warm light whose every root and rod 
Splutters with soapy green, and all the world 
Sweats with the bead of summer in its bud. 

If ever I heard blessing it is there 
Where birds in trees that shoals and shadows are 
Splash with their hidden wings and drops of sound 
Break on my ears their crests of throbbing air. 

Pure in the haze the emerald sun dilates, 
The lips of sparrows milk the mossy stones, 
While white as water by the lake a girl 
Swims her green hand among the gathered swans. 

Now, as the almond burns its smoking wick, 
Dropping small flames to light the candled grass; 
Now, as my low blood scales its second chance, 
If ever world were blessed, now it is. 

Laurie Lee


Waves lap against the bank,
there’s a stillness in the air;
Camera crews unravel leads,
for filming they prepare
People gather in the club, 
a bounteous buffet’s spread
radish, salmon, small beef balls…
most leave overfed.
To look along the river bank
is now to see full length,
spectators ready with their cheers
to give the lads more strength.
Someone’s made a funny hat,
a boat upon the top 
and photos of the uni teams
in flowers that he’s cropped.
The boys file out now one by one 
with introduction brief;
The crowd go ‘woooo’ and then we watch.
Which team will know that grief?
They’re away from Putney bridge 
each stroke exactly matched;
Neck and neck they speed on down,
this easter race has hatched!
Trailed by a score of boats,
the key one just behind,
check the oars don’t get too close
with cheating p’rhaps in mind!
Watching from the boathouse,
some with bated breath:
‘Go on there cambridge, catch them up
see Oxford to their death.’
One enthusiast I quote:
‘its all about the win’
and yet I think the taking part
means more than just the fin.
But oh what jubilation, 
just from seeing theirs;
The cambridge crew have won it,
they’re rejoicing in their pairs!
About the place, a charming buzz
As tearful hugs are made:
Proud parents, friends and students feel
the force of such a day!
All wash out just like the tide
which having come right in
and soaked somebody’s picnic
runs out with the gin!
Now the banks are clearing, 
a pair of parakeets display
their love for one another
on this historic day!
by Emily Nash

Why is it such a big event?

The first race took place on 10th June 1829 in Henley on Thames following a challenge between old school friends.

Boat race “Oxford v Cambridge” – Your Favourite Poem

boat race

The time arrives, the hour at hand,
as Oxford and Cambridge assemble and stand.
For a race along the River Thames,
from Putney to Mortlake to find what stems.

An official toss of the sovereign on place,
to determine which side for which crew in this race.
All takes part below a blue sky,
on a warm golden day and weather so dry.

The “Blues” from bow to stroke plus cox,
position themselves prepeared with their clocks.
From the west side of Putney Cross,
to Hammersmith Bridge and gain without loss.

The horn is blown the race begins,
a competition to see who wins.
Viewed by millions across the earth,
the crews convey what their worth.

Covering a distance of two miles,
during the tough and tiring trials.
A halfway mark at Surrey Bend,
the fight goes on to gain and defend.

Upon the Thames, within the walls,
come the London supporting calls.
so many thousands of folk there crowd,
as the boats come into position so proud.

Rowing past at such a pace,
and showing so well a determined race.
Now to aim for the three mile sign,
a fall in length to the finishing line.

So determined are the teams,
to see the cup there of their dreams.
At the point, placed to claim,
beside the bottles of champaign.

Supporting spectators seen so clear,
within the festival atmosphere.
As boats close in with moves so fine,
side by side and line in line.

The line is crossed, the moment comes,
exhausted crews of chosen chums.
Such a fight to reach ahead,
As both crews now end in red.

James Stephen Thompson, UK

Sent in by you What’s yours?

A Thousand Pictures

If I could paint a thousand pictures

Each one would be of you

I would place them all around my room

So I wouldn’t feel so blue

I know you would always be close

So close to my heart

If you were ever away

I know we’d never be apart

My eyes would follow you around my room

To admire my pictures of you

I would go to sleep well rested

Not feeling at all blue

I would dream of you looking at me

Whilst I silently sleep

I would breathe you in the morning

My pictures of you to keep

Gillian Sims

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