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Daily Archives: April 9, 2014

“The Haunting” – Promote Yourself

You are the haunting I hear
in the still night’s gloom,
shuffling slowly
in the upstairs room,
while the whole of the
house is

Questioning myself, 
now and again, I
attempt to convince
my mind, running wild,
that I’m dreaming.

Time after time, I have
ventured blindly
out the door,
ascending the stair,
weightless as a lingering
spirit. I am carried 

by hope and by fear
in search of you,
finally finding you waiting,

You are the haunting
I desperately want to
to tell the world
your mournful story,
keep your spirit in a crystal
vial and wear you around
my neck.

Even then,
would they believe, a ghost
as troubled, radiant as yours?
“Perhaps,” they’ll muse,
“a manifestation of a
lonesome heart.”

But, for the love of all of you –
your beautiful, drifting
ways –
I’ll let you remain
solitary in this dusty loft,
away from sceptic eyes.

The burden of your secret existence
I’ll bear – caged in my chest,
thumping madly against my lungs –
In exchange for your heart.

I’ve buried the key to this attic door
and it weighs heavily there
guarding the treasure that is your affection.

Content for the moment, 

knowing your presence,
I’ll pretend I never
Sought and
Found you.
Thank you for considering,
Megan Thompson

I Am – Promote Yourself

I am a leaf, drifting in the wind
Fallen from a barren tree
I am a bird that was caged
But, is now free

I am the waves
That can’t be controlled
I am the storm
Strong and bold

I am the gentle breeze
Refreshing and light
I am the soft falling snow
Cold and white

I am the sky
Distant and vast
I am the waterfall
Loud and fast

I am the one in disguise
Too difficult to see
But if you pay attention,
You might just find me

-By Grace Linton
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