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Daily Archives: April 10, 2014

Marching Band – Promote Yourself

To the top of the hill
I gladly go to see
The river that flows
Incessantly beneath
The music it makes:
The sound that it creates
The string that it plucks
The key that it hits
Never will I leave;
In this place I shall stay
For my ears would love to be
In its home eternally

 Shevaun Lemieux

COFFEE – Promote Yourself

Coffee is my fuel,
It sets me up for the day,
It cools my temper,
When the skies are grey.

When my words sound bitter,
Coffee keeps me sweet,
When the sun is shining,
Coffee keeps me on my feet.

When the night sets in,
And my kids are in bed,
Coffee will be cooling,
To refocus my hazy head.

Coffee with three sugars,
Its all the drink I crave,
It keeps me awake, and writing,
And awake enough to misbehave.

Without coffee,
I dare not to think,
I wouldn’t make sense,
And my attention would stink.

for coffee,
Pass me the sugar and cream,
Its all I drink,
Without, I would surely scream.

By Michelle MacKenzie
Age 27

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