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Daily Archives: April 12, 2014

The seasons of life. – Promote Yourself


                     Friends come together to start the day,      it was like this in every way,                        Friendship is like a flower,you plant the seed watch it grow,you laugh and giggle,with people you know.                        A bond is formed before your eyes,you stand back in full surprise.                                                      With gentle care in time you take,              strength to strength with no mistake.              Friendship is forever you may ask,know matter where you be presant or past.          ~                                                                  ~          spring is here Easter is coming its so close,you could hear it humming,        little bunnies hopping around,looking for eggs where to be found,                                They search here and there even under the stair,they hide and seek in this game,happier playing with no shame.          This is what’s Easter is about,wave your arms give a shout.                                          ~                                                                  ~        Summer.                                            Summer is here the colours are bright,        rainbows shining in the light.                        Flowers have bloomed for all to see,sprouting so contently.                        Children playing in the park,                        running a round having a lark.                      The joyful sound you hear them make,        running around near the lake.                      Its time to go you hear them sigh                  there yawning so they comply.                      ~                                                                    ~      Autumn.                                                The leaves turn gold and brown                    warmest colours to be found,                      cooler nights are ahead so you want to stay instead,                                                you cosy up up to watch a movie                  all the time with your dovie,                        As you lay down your sleepy head                dream of wonders what’s ahead.                  ~                                                                    ~    Winter.                                                    Family and friends come together for one special day,let’s see how you work no rest and play.                                                Shining faces glowing bright,singing joyfully day and night.                                  This is happiness christmas brings magic of laughter amonst other things.                  Raise your glass Christmas cheer joyful laughter in the new year.                              ~                                                                  Patricia Bourne

INSPIRED BY THE ART – Promote Yourself


Today, I saw a Bright spot in the heavens,

Explosions of light inviting me to come up and play.

Something unique and exciting in the way of display.

Different dimensions sprinkled in and out ,

So many caverns to explore you wouldn’t  know how to get about.

Dark spots in between,

Knowing that there is still beyond, another umpteen.

Places to be,

Wondrous things to see.

So hypnotizing,

to the point of mesmerizing.

The brilliant bursts of light,

the deepest shade of night,

In a spot in the heavens.

Made of so many little bits of glass,

Put together by an artist determined in his task

To create beauty that he sees

A true artist is he.


by Linda Garcia

Have you ever seen a piece of art that struck  something inside of you.  It was so wonderful that you never could forget it.  There are some very gifted artist out there.  I saw a picture that did that for me.  It inspired this little ditty.   I was so lucky to get to see it.

Poet Laureate pens Hillsborough poem for newspaper -YOUR FAVOURITE POEM

The Poet Laureate has written an exclusive poem for a regional daily after the report into the Hillsborough disaster revealed the truth about the tragedy.

Carol Ann Duffy has written the moving piece for the Liverpool Echo, which was praised by Labour leader Ed Miliband for its “Justice for the 96″ campaign.

She penned the piece to mark the publication of the report by an independent panel which found that police and ambulance service statements were doctored in an attempt to deflect blame for the 1989 disaster.

The Echo published a special edition on the day of the report which was on the newsstands by 5pm.

The report also revealed that the Sheffield-based Whites Press Agency was the source of an infamous Sun story blaming drunken Liverpool fans for the crush, and that 41 of the 96 fans who might have been saved had the emergency services acted differently.

Ms Duffy is a University of Liverpool graduate and became Poet Laureate in May 2009.

THE Cathedral bell, tolled, could never tell;
nor the Liver Birds, mute in their stone spell;
or the Mersey, though seagulls wailed, cursed, overhead,
in no language for the slandered dead…
not the raw, red throat of the Kop, keening,
or the cops’ words, censored of meaning;
not the clock, slow handclapping the coroner’s deadline,
or the memo to Thatcher, or the tabloid headline…
but fathers told of their daughters; the names of sons
on the lips of their mothers like prayers; lost ones
honoured for bitter years by orphan, cousin, wife –
not a matter of football, but of life.
Over this great city, light after long dark;
truth, the sweet silver song of the lark.

15th April 1989 Never Forget – sent in by a Forest SUPPORTER

I found this poem. Always brings a tear to my eye!Check the tickets in my wallet
Then swig a cup of tea
7.30 in the morning
One game from WembleyOut the door and on the street
Off to meet the boys
To sing the songs we love to sing
And fill the ground with noise

The coach pulls up and we all pile on
Belly full of butterflies
Then off to sheffield we all go
The FA cup our prize

9.00am and the songs have started
I talk about the game
To a young lad thats sat next to me
I didn’t catch his name

The journeys taking hours
And we cross the pennine hills
But my mind drifts off to hillsborough
As i dream of beardsleys skills

“My favourite players Aldo”
Says the boy sat next to me
His eyes full of excitement
And his words are filled with glee

“I’m meeting me mate when i get to the ground”
“He’s travelling up by train”
“I’ll see you back here on the coach”
“When we’ve beaten forest again”

The coach pulled up and off he went
Going to meet his friend
I check my ticket once again

Its getting near to kick off
And i’m getting close to the ground
But nobody seems to be moving
I’m stuck tight in this crowd

I’m just starting to panic
And a bizzie opens the gate
A red tide moves down the tunnel
Moving closer to thier fate

I remember clearly that tunnel 
And the light shone at the end
And as i think back to that fatefull day
I still cant comprehend

That the coppers called us vandals
And drunken loutish liars
And the media fed us spite and hate
When compassion was required

But back to that day and the things i saw
Unfold before my eyes
The sight of grown men screaming
And the air was full of cries

But i was one of the lucky ones
Because i came home alive
I watched heroes in scarves on the pitch
Trying helplessly to revive-
Their friends their family and strangers
Who’d all come to watch a game
But their lives were crushed that fatefull day
On a terrace called Leppings Lane

The memories still haunt me
Every time i go to sleep
But theres one memory that gets me 
And always makes me weep

Back on the coach with my head on the glass
I remember my heart it skipped a beat
When i turned to the young lad next to me
And noticed his empty seat

There were 96 empty seats that day
96 friends that we lost
And while Kelvin counted the pennies
The families counted the loss

So next time you’re at Anfield
Visit the eternal flame
Feel the stone cold marble
And touch a persons name

And while you say a silent prayer
And your dreams are tossed and blown
Remember those 96 empty seats 
That must never walk alone

Justice for the 96

You’ll never walk alone

 15th April 1989 Never Forget
Remember those 96 empty seats 



With the 96 who lost their lives at Hillsborough uppermost in our thoughts today, we’ve compiled a list of reflective, thoughtful and emotional poems to mark the 25th anniversary of the disaster in Sheffield.


Here comes Tubby Jones
Bringing out the cones.
‘Will Tubby be playing today?’ His mother said.
‘It all depends on how much he’s been fed!’

I felt such a nit,
When I told her he wasn’t fit.
‘I would love to play him in a game,
If the other lads didn’t hold him to blame.’

‘He stands still on the spot,
When he could have had a shot.’
Poor Tubby Jones does his best,
But he can’t run like all the rest.

‘You must play him’ says Mrs Jones,
‘If you don’t his father moans!’
‘Oh Mrs Jones why do you feed him so?
If you want him to make it as a pro.’

‘I’d love to put him in a team,
You probably think me ever so mean,
But I have to be fair to the other lads,
Who run and run like their dads.’

‘You need to help your son get fit,
Encourage him to run not sit,
Vegetables and salads are what he needs,
Instead of all those massive feeds.’

‘If you love your Tubby so
And want him in the team to show.
Please listen to what I say,
And he should be playing by next May!

© Simon Icke 1998 Aston Clinton, Bucks. UK.

Footnote : As someone who has managed children’s football teams for a number years in the past, I know the pressure placed on managers by parents who think their son should be playing centre forward even though he is not good enough to make the sub bench. It is always difficult to be fair to all boys and everyone should be made welcome to training sessions and given the same opportunity to improve. However, in my experience at managing successful junior teams, when it comes to selecting the team, you have to choose the best lad for each position irrespective of who the parents are and the pressure they place on you to see their boy as centre forward!…but most clubs have a reserve team or a B team to help players improve or improve their fitness. I always believed in the three things when it came to coaching kids football: Encourage! Encourage! Encourage! and that football should be fun as you will read in my football poem: Touchline Shouting.
This poem was first published in Aston Clinton Primary School’s Anthology of football poems; see  Titled Poetry in Motion Football! Football! Football! Published Nov 98 by Simon Icke. It is now out of print but you can find some of the poems from the book at: and many more amusing football poems by hundreds of different authors. It was the world’s first and only dedicated football poetry website; based in Wiltshire, England.

 See also about healthy eating in:Let’s let off steam( Eat your fruit and veg)
Written by Gillian Sims.Taken from The Manners book
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