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Daily Archives: April 13, 2014

A Woman! – Promote Yourself




When I think about being a woman,


I think about wanting to be loved and romanced,


I think of flowers and perfume.


Especially being wined and danced.


I think of dirty laundry and so many blue jeans,


Two boys, three dogs, two cats, one rabbit with


schedules, feedings, and a full time job.


Let’s not forget my husband’s shirts to be ironed.


Not to leave out all the sports I have to watch,



Then I think of the feelings inside of me.


There is the pride, the warmth, the joy I feel


the hugs, kisses, most important the love I receive.


When I think of being a woman,


I think about what a gift this glorious feeling is!


And I thank God for making me a woman!



By Linda Garcia

Writingwildly@wordpress .com

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