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Daily Archives: April 14, 2014

Far From Today – Promote Yourself


As I notice the sick,
I see trouble, heartache, and anguish.
A new-found sympathy presses down.
It’s not the visible that worries,
It’s the wounds, we cannot lick,
That drag us down.

It’s the scars within,
The broken, misshapen and
Twisted thoughts, that
The soul most;
These are the greatest sin.

Though some may deny it,
We all have flaws and suffer.
It’s the invisible defects,
The cracks inside,
Hidden from view,
That the world neglects.

It’s those unseen, that hurt the most,
As we swerve to deflect
Untold sorrow and strain.
Some portray a faultless,
Pure and polished facade,
Living a secular life, still undiagnosed.

Some fail to believe, that there is no reprieve,
They gain a false security, as they doubt
That we all will succumb,
For there’s no immunity to tragedy.
Thus make service and serenity, a goal and reality.
Stay in the present, in the now, it’s all we have.
Forever is formed in the moment, we call today,
So do not stray, very far from today.

Pamela Corbett

Memory Lives – Promote Yourself


More than her years

So forevermore she will remain

More than one who has left us

Because she stays 

In the words that we say

And the ones that we don’t

She’s the prayer on the motorway

For everyone to come home safe

She is the one that we ask

To make things okay

She is the hope in the night

That there will be a new day

We remember a smile

The most beautiful face

She is with us

And with us she’ll stay

This is dedicated to the memory of my cousin Melissa Mould who ten years ago passed away due to cystic fibrosis at the age of 19. Her younger brother is doing ten challenges in her memory to mark this and raise awareness for CF. More information about his adventures can be found here:


New Girl – Promote Yourself


They knew each other through a common mate
Meeting each other hadn’t earlier been in fate
He wasn’t far out of her league
He just knew her as his mate’s weird colleague

They finally met during Navratri for the first time and exchanged numbers
Then chatting started on Whatsapp during article ship slumbers
She always had something to say
She was a good story teller…

He was amused by the new things he heard
Be it about her dog or her bird
Chatting with each other was fun
Breaking of ice thus was done!

She came in his life as happy as one can be ever
The first time they talked so long both would forget never
He found a new friend who pestered him to study
She thought he was not taking it seriously bloody…

He liked sharing photography pictures
She liked them, without any strictures
He used to get lost every time he saw those images
They had imprisoned him in their mirages

Today is her bday and he’s trying to pen something down
May she get a lucky guy from uptown!
Who will get her a crown
And take her to Cape Town! 😉

He sees in her energy and ambition to paint the world red
The way she managed all during annual day rehearsals made him dread
She was the thread
That bonded all ahead

As he writes this monologue
He wishes she enjoys the catalogue of her achievements
Never suffers bereavement
That’s what is their agreement

He wishes her happy birthday
Which comes on Monday
May her year be filled with passion
And she as always be filled with compassion

Raj Vora

The Woman I Know – Promote Yourself


She slipped under the quilt, happy and proud
Smiled as she lay, prayed and bowed
Content in her heart, ready for another start
Winding up today, playing her part
Quietly checking her clock, setting the alarm
For early she would rise, when it would be quiet
Just like now, when lights are out of sight.

Her tired eyes settle for slumber right
Travelling to dream, her smile was in sight
Her face was aglow
So beautiful, so serene
She slept like a baby
Looked like a teen

I know the woman for many years
Love and joy are her only tears
Her life is woven in her feathers
Told and untold, happy and sad
Yet, always happy, always glad

Her beautiful hair now painted in grey
Her skin so mature, wrinkles make way
Laughing and helping she will stay
Ruling her world, making everyone’s’ day

Written by Padmaja  – My blog:

I am a lover of poetry. I enjoy reading and understanding the deeper meanings and connections that poetry verses take me into. I often write poetry from my everyday experiences but they are all shelved due to lack of confidence to publish. I recently started a blog – please visit my blog and leave your comments. I like to learn from others experience and have developed an interest to get inspiration from quotes. I post quotes that boost me up everyday in my other blog – New to blogging world, I am still learning the tricks and tips everyday. I find your blog interesting and really encouraging to budding writers. Congratulations on such great work shaping a community and providing so much encouragement and inspiration. 

Water Colour Sea – Promote Yourself

Teal, aqua, sky blue,
Sea foam, emerald, wisteria green,
Tawny, sienna, chocolate brown,
Mauve, lavender, lilac purple;
Intermixing as colors in nature do,
Sparkling with sunlight and misty hues;
Raging, dark, infinite depths,
Sometimes shallow, polluted; imposing deaths;
Watching myriad-colored fish amid tidal pools in the sea,
Water reflects eternal wisdom: all colors are equal; all living things are free.
Wendy Shreve


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