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Daily Archives: April 16, 2014

Moments by Moonlight


We are a memory in someone’s eyes

unless we forget to glance where it lies.

How many evenings have we remembered

late shadows a rendezvous; we weathered

a storm of passion tasting skin envy.

Our searching mind tells tales known, every

lost moment by moonlight, when still we pause

to feel the solar tug of Nature’s cause.

For love is held in our hands in fashion

sparkling fires, tidal waves of passion,

become easy to notice, midnights glow.

Soft heart’s enter anew sweet nectar’s flow.

Such energy is fond in memory

while keeping well at bay our lunacy.
© Thom Amundsen


Wind – Promote Yourself

fly drag

Looking up at the cloudy sky

I saw an angry dragon floating by

The wind came along and blew him away

I really didn’t like him anyway

As the breeze started to whirl the clouds around

All of a sudden there was a clown

He danced in the sky with a flower in his hair

Singing along without a care

But the wind had other ideas today

And picked up and blew the clown away

The trees danced as the wind blows

Knowing that whatever the wind brings…away it also goes

I watched and waited for something new

But the wind was done and it just blew.

by Linda Garcia

Mothers. – Promote Yourself

cover mum
                                          We are mothers strong and true                  we love our kids no matter what they do,    we stand by  them though thick and thin    even though we don’t win.                                ~                                                                  when there in trouble give a shout            we jump in without a doubt,                          though there heart ache and there pain            we support them with no shame.                  as we guide them through their lives I wonder how they can survive.                      ~                                                                Love and sorrow we can share we support them any where,                                          Strength to strength we can trust we love our kids its a must.                                        ~            A mother is your best friend she loves you so much,she looks after you with a gentle touch.                            a mother is for life no matter how old you are,when ever you need us no matter how far. In this hands with a cheer,thank you mother dear.                                          ~                  patricia bourne 

What Is Friendship



Friendship is a bond of understanding

Being there for each other

Excepting their faults and squabbles

Treating each one as a sister and brother


A friendship can last a lifetime

Working on it to make it last

Being tolerant with each other

Never bringing up the past


We all say things in haste

But true friends will stand by you

Helping with all your problems

Suggesting things that you might do


Sometimes miss-understandings do accrue

Harsh word sometimes are spoken

We sometimes have to swallow our pride

Before that friendship is broken


A true friend will stand by you

Right through to the bitter end

Those who cast you to one side

Are those who are not a true friend? 

Malcolm Bradshaw

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