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Daily Archives: April 17, 2014

Friends – Promote Yourself

This is a poem of three thick friends in college – Kane, Jude and Zane. Kane means a fighter, Jude means the praised one and Zane means the gifted one. The poem describes three years time after college-  How time and destiny takes them to different paths. Will they still stay friends later on? Read on to find out.



They were together since college days;

Their professor nicknamed them ‘Shining Rays’!

Together they would scout along;

Hence, to the same group they belonged!


They would sneak out of beds in the night and go to the town’s secret place;

Kane liked the heights and wind blowing in his face.

Jude always thought of leaving the sleepy town;

Zane was contended with the view of the horizon.


Time was spent hanging out and having fun;

For field of interest, all had different aspirations.

Kane took the same course as Jude, being his ardent fan,

And became an also ran!


Kane was good at whatever he did; be it studies or the skit.

Not thinking clear; his career plan he knit.

He was going to be a lawyer like all others;

He was motivated to do so by his brother.


Zane wasn’t sure of what to take,

The decision was going to be make or break.

His heart said photography but his talent was raw;

His went with his logic and it said law!


They studied together day and night;

Zane was hardworking, Jude was fast, Kane seemed to have lost goal sight.

Finally came the day of exam, when they gave their LSATs.

Zane scored well, Jude scored great, Kane failed and got upset.


Kane fell into the abyss of darkness and despair,

To bring him out was difficult; the damage couldn’t be repaired.

People laughed at him and his brother;

His brother tried to convince him not to let that bother.


Guilty for having let his brother down; Kane ran out of town.

Determined he wouldn’t return until he became something on his own;

He left behind Jude and Zane, walking away with pace,

It was time for him to leave the rat race.


Jude wasn’t much disturbed by the fact that Kane left;

He had only one goal – to be a lawyer, which mattered over the rest.

Using people as ladders to climb more;

He didn’t stay in touch with Zane anymore.


Zane was distraught with Kane gone,

There was no one to talk to; with Jude moving on.

What a game had time played – he pondered over the snowing nights,

Remembering the days of summer when they used to fly kites.


With great expectations, Kane reached the Big Apple;

He had to get a job, be it at Four Seasons or The Maple.

As he sat on the street bench; filled with hunger inside,

An advertorial asking for salesmen flew by his side.


He applied and got the job; he was determined to make a mark,

He walked door to door selling products until it was dark.

Within two years, he became the best salesman;

Gone were the days when he used to be an also ran!


Jude became the best closer the town had ever seen,

It was time to broaden the horizon and tread on paths unseen.

Filled with dreams, to New York he flied;

From up, his town seemed like a tiny blot under the seamless sky.


He raced ahead of all his colleagues,

For he wanted to be the best in his league;

Winning became a habit at the cost of truth many times,

His managing partner promised to promote him in near time.


Zane got a litigation case where his client clicked the best fashion photographs,

Delighted was he; for he would get to meet him and take his autograph.

Their interactions gave him an insight into photography,

He won the case for the client; but thought why he had concealed photography.


Wind was howling like the swirling storm inside;

He was good at law; but in photography he wanted to confide.

Finally, Zane decided to nurture his passion and go after art;

And as destiny would have it, to New York he depart.


Kane started his own company to train salesmen, with help of venture capital;

Such was the unprecedented growth, he made it public, to unleash its potential.

Finally, he called his brother to the city,

His brother’s eyes were filled with tears of pride; where earlier there was pity.


Jude fell in love that spring with a gold digger,

When she left him, he pleaded her to stay like a beggar.

The fact that he was lonely though successful made him astound,

He missed Kane and Zane that night, his guilt knew no bounds!


Zane’s passion soon got him a job and he started shooting ramp walks,

With time and practice, he excelled in photoshop.

He bought a fashion studio,

And over a short period mastered making portfolios.


He finally found Kane when he read about him in the news,

He caught a cab to the mentioned address; the lift wasn’t working due to bad fuse.

19 floors he climbed, to see Kane working in his full form,

He stood there to admire him; Kane had made hardwork his new norm.


Kane hugged Zane pleasantly surprised,

Three years were really long they realised.

They caught up with each other pretty soon,

It felt like yesterday they used to roam around the campus like goons!


Kane took Zane to a bar which had the best skyline view,

Across their table sat lonely Jude; with a bottle of vodka new.

They approached Jude and he broke down,

He said he made a big mistake when he left town!


Jude pleaded guilty and asked Zane for forgiveness,

He wanted to be with them, he craved togetherness.

Zane forgave and put the matter to the past,

Jude slept like a baby that night; after all past was in the past!


Jude took them the next day to a barren mountain top,

‘To a new beginning’ they toasted, ‘let the fun never stop!’

They still meet up regularly to admire the view,

After all, true friends are rare and very few!!

So true friends are rare and shouldn’t be lost. If you have not been in touch with yours, go ahead, take the first step this weekend and catch up with them. Patch up your differences and be the bigger man. I’m sure it would be great to experience what you are missing now. Why not endeavor to resolve it?

The Son Of God




Let the Son of God be within you,

Let him fill your heart with light,

Let him guide, guard and protect you,

Let him give you his strength to fight.


Accept him as your brother,

Ask nothing in return,

Just follow the teachings he gave you,

For life is a lesson we must learn.


Our life from the start is a struggle,

Problems are always around

But learn to love one another,

For in Jesus, love can be found.


Follow the light he sends you,

It will guide you, to help those in need,

It will uplift the spirit within you,

To give knowledge on which you can feed.


So remember to give yourself to Jesus,

In return to you he will send,

The love that is within him,

For in Jesus, you always have a friend.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Angry – Promote Yourself



Sometimes I get really angry,
And I just want to cry,
I get so frustrated,
All I can do is sigh.

Sometimes I get so mad,
I just want to scream out loud,
Is it much to ask for,
just to stay proud?

When I sit outside,
The cool air cools my mood,
I stop frowning for a while,
And stop thinking so crude.

It takes a while to calm down,
It takes a while to feel OK,
I just tell myself sometimes,
That tomorrow will be better than today.

I get so angry sometimes,
I just want to leave,
So I sit outside and refuse to cry,
And remind myself to breathe.

Once I am calm,
I go back for some tea,
I say my piece and say goodnight,
And they say goodnight to me.

Nature Walk – Promote Yourself

      Sunrise in the morning you wake up first light,you hear birds twittering in the night.                                                            You see the beautiful colours in the morning sky,you wonder how they get there then you wonder why.                        ~              You go for a walk along the river path, you cross the river far a wide to see the little calf.                                                      The animals are grazing in the field you see,chomping on the grass so contently.        ~                                                                    Now its time for me to go I’m leaving this wondrous little show,I’m crossing the river pass to get back where I was,              I’m walking along the river bed I hope I don’t get cross.                                            I’m walking home along the path looking up the sky,seeing the colours changing before my very eye.                                        ~            As the sunsets the colours begin to fade,looking in the distance not in the ever glade.                                        The colours are gone night time is here the whisper of birds before they disappear.      ~                patricia bourne 
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