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Daily Archives: April 18, 2014

Unlike Everything Ordinary – Promote Yourself

I want to create something 
Something that would stay
Against the storms and obstacles 
I know I’ll see it the next day

People come in your life 
Making empty promises to you 
Saying they would stick around 
But, they never do 

They leave you all alone 
And, I don’t like it 
I want to build something strong 
Using my wit

And it would be permanent, for once 
Unlike everything ordinary  

By Grace Linton 
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How Do You Do – Promote Yourself

sweet old womon

You only walked past
As you shuffled
Up the ramp, sweet old women
I gave you
No sign
Just a soft smile, I saw
You touched my heart
All the way inside, you
Made me think I will
See myself crisp and bold
As you see yourself
I won’t soon forget
Every detail of yourself, I
Only mere seconds, give
Take, the memory will last
Your sparkle
Glowing wilds in your eyes, how
Could I do anything
Remember your blooming rosy perfume
Your teased gray hair, nothing
Out-of-place, the red
Lipstick on your
Lips, perfectly
Pressed white blouse
Pleats and ruffles, in
Just the right place
Your dressy black
Pants no lint, no
Wrinkles, sassy and relaxed
A thick gold necklace
I am sure it has
A story, I worried
It was weighing you down
You wore it proudly, you are
A peacock flaunting gracefully
Strong hands with rings
Almost every finger, like
Notches on the wall, how
Many years have you been here
Walker dazzling fresh
Cut tennis balls on the back legs
Shinning silver, strong
Not a mark, giving you the freedom
To do so many things
Those black patented leather
Flats with a wide
Bow at the toe, shine
How, staying on your
Little feet as you shuffle
On, forward slow motion
The warmest, softest, most familiar
Part, although like I said
You are a stranger
Not to my heart
Your smile, with every
Tiny step forward, proud
Thankful smile that you
Are here, doing
What you want
No caregiver holding
Your arm, no one
With a worried look feeling
Like they are wasting
Their time, just you
Taking your time, finding
Your way it must have taken
You all day to look
This way, did you wake up
In the morning and think
I am going to the store, not
Knowing how you were
Going to put the groceries
In the cart. Did you
First take a bath or lay out
Your clothes, were you so excited
You did those things
The night before. How many
Hours did you plan, find
Your way into your freshly
Pressed attire, did you
Take the bus, have a friend
Drop you off, oh what
I would give to see your list
Probably heavy things
Like a ten pound bag of flour
I can see that you have
Always found a way to make
It work, no matter what
Keep a smile
On your face. What a gift
To see you, share
A short but brilliant smile
What I wouldn’t give to share
A bit of tea, home made
Banana muffin and talk
With you a while
Have you touch my hand, believe
Me and you, listening
A moment
I’ll bring you flowers
Written By: Carrie Browne 

I am new to this beautiful outlet of poetry. I stay home with my two wild boys and enjoy spending time in the outdoors when ever I get the chance. You can view more of my writing and photographs at The Shady Tree The Shady Tree

rainy-morning-rush-hour-promote Yourself

rainy morn

Walking gumboots,
Beside wet shoes,
Splashing footsteps,
Sprinkling tyres,
Bubbles in droplets,
Flowing waters,
Filled up puddles,
Washed ground
shining in dimmed sunlight.

Running footsteps,
Secured bags,
Flying umbrellas,
Dripping raincoats,
Busy streets,
Rushing cars,
Jammed traffic,
Wet windy skies –
thumping on rooftops.

Waving sleeves,
At people in shelters;
Alighting feet,
From blinking cars;
Creating trails,
From earth to mars;
A Singing siren
Making way;
This is todays’ morning rush hour..
A Wet Windy weather chilling in power.

-Written by Padmaja

Wishes – Promote Yourself



Often I write poetry as a way to release,
Thoughts of my love, that will not cease.
Other times I write more to confess,
Expressions of love I cannot repress.
Mostly I write of things forbidden,
Like my intense desire, that I must keep hidden.
Pamela Corbett

Mark Whelan Writes – Promote Yourself

Poem One: 
ignorance is not bliss
today we burnt the only mattress on which we would have slept tonight 



today we littered our streets with rocks and burning tyres from vehicles which would

have taken us to our only destination

a place called hope


Poem Two:


Notice how many times we say good-bye when we

Part like love birds leaving storm gathering gulping


de villiers st


Atmosphere to sigh out too cold to shudder out rather be in from the

Rain shaking off its moisture as two stable geese after gathering its brood


Fed comforted cherished brood jealous as the fox does when it

Clutches onto a helpless meal when we part kisses too many to gather countless as 

Heavy winter drops thud to rumbling roll storm clouds colliding eternally

Never really alone are we solitary panther alone slinking obscurely in



Tree of life hidden from unsympathetic eyes seeks only weakness to ravish

At a peak on a mountain top blue watching pattering steps 

Closer to ending journey one final look back not like wife of Lot but happy glance

Careful thought as lonely eagle ponders prey until we meet again



I am both a featured and published writer (modestly, mind you, as I’ve yet to earn my daily bread from it). With reference to poetry, I completed three portfolio’s of works with my University of South Africa. All three portfolio’s feature small anthologies of poetry. Two of the portfolio’s were awarded distinctions.


I am finally completing my BA in languages and literature in which I am writing papers on poetry through the courses entitled Structuralism and Semiotics and Advanced theory of Poetry. One of the papers, previously marked by my good professor, received a distinction, 90% would you believe. In it, I wrote about the works of both Sylvia Plath and Ingrid Jonker. The second paper, I expect to do well here too, features Ted Hughes and Antje Krog.


I am bristling to get my writing career off to a prosperous start, and I write daily on film, literature, politics, history and cultural matters. I am also writing short stories and working on at least two novels, when it will be finished, I cannot yet say.


Time permitting, you are, of course invited to follow me on Moviemarks (also on WordPress), and leave you with my addresses for your ease, and in good spirits and gratitude for your invitations.


Should you wish to know more about me, you are most welcome to ask.


With kind regards,

Mark : Mark Whelan Writes : Moviemarks

The Answered Prayer – Promote Yourself




The shock of it has brought me to my knees.

And I ask you God please,

help me through this.

I don’t want it to be my time.

I love You and want to be with You one day.

But I still have my sons & grandchildren I want to watch play.

I want to see them grow and of YOU and Your wonder for them to know.

I want to see Your beauty and Your wonderful gifts.

I ask please for more time with my best friend,

You joined us long ago and I love him so.

To feel Your air and see Your flowers,

to climb Your hills and know Your power.

I will follow Your will as you wish,

and do it gladly and thank You so.

But I will miss all the gifts I have gotten to know.

You have given me so much here,

and it is in sadness and a bit of fear,

I ask You God help me be true,

to face this thing that I must do.

Whatever You do decide,

may I be strong and in Your will abide


 By Linda Garcia

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