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Poem One: 
ignorance is not bliss
today we burnt the only mattress on which we would have slept tonight 



today we littered our streets with rocks and burning tyres from vehicles which would

have taken us to our only destination

a place called hope


Poem Two:


Notice how many times we say good-bye when we

Part like love birds leaving storm gathering gulping


de villiers st


Atmosphere to sigh out too cold to shudder out rather be in from the

Rain shaking off its moisture as two stable geese after gathering its brood


Fed comforted cherished brood jealous as the fox does when it

Clutches onto a helpless meal when we part kisses too many to gather countless as 

Heavy winter drops thud to rumbling roll storm clouds colliding eternally

Never really alone are we solitary panther alone slinking obscurely in



Tree of life hidden from unsympathetic eyes seeks only weakness to ravish

At a peak on a mountain top blue watching pattering steps 

Closer to ending journey one final look back not like wife of Lot but happy glance

Careful thought as lonely eagle ponders prey until we meet again



I am both a featured and published writer (modestly, mind you, as I’ve yet to earn my daily bread from it). With reference to poetry, I completed three portfolio’s of works with my University of South Africa. All three portfolio’s feature small anthologies of poetry. Two of the portfolio’s were awarded distinctions.


I am finally completing my BA in languages and literature in which I am writing papers on poetry through the courses entitled Structuralism and Semiotics and Advanced theory of Poetry. One of the papers, previously marked by my good professor, received a distinction, 90% would you believe. In it, I wrote about the works of both Sylvia Plath and Ingrid Jonker. The second paper, I expect to do well here too, features Ted Hughes and Antje Krog.


I am bristling to get my writing career off to a prosperous start, and I write daily on film, literature, politics, history and cultural matters. I am also writing short stories and working on at least two novels, when it will be finished, I cannot yet say.


Time permitting, you are, of course invited to follow me on Moviemarks (also on WordPress), and leave you with my addresses for your ease, and in good spirits and gratitude for your invitations.


Should you wish to know more about me, you are most welcome to ask.


With kind regards,

Mark : Mark Whelan Writes : Moviemarks

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at
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