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Daily Archives: April 19, 2014

Love ~ Promote Yourself

                                     love is a feeling deep in your soul it spreads though your body with no control,it reaches our heart at speed of light with out any assistance with out a fight. ~          ~                  ~                                                                                          Life becomes hard not easy to bare,            some people think that we don’t just care,    it becomes a battle just to survive with all our emotions we take in our strife, some times we laugh some times we cry even some times we just don’t know why.  We feel alone so sad to see we don’t understand completely.                  ~                                                                  This life we lead we try to find,true love in our hearts not in our minds,we hope and pray for its real,but it never is its a.bad deal.                                                    With all our feelings high and low we wonder how things are slow,though strenth and love an honesty,you wonder how you can be me.                                      ~                                                                  Strong and gentle love can be why don’t you wait and see,love and cuddles all day long,sharing wine and a song.                    love you know here and there a glass of wine just to share.                                        This is love for you and me we will be happy for all eternity.                                    ~                      patricia bourne 

Divine Symphony – Promote Yourself


The clouds began to build,
and as the morning progressed,
the blacker the skies became.
First one drop then another,
the rain fell upon the ground.

The rain; a harbinger of events,
the wind was sure to bring.
a torrent of rain fell,
from the heavens its energy spent falling,
each raindrop pounded,
recklessly into the ground.

The winds blew in fierce gusts,
rocking the trees to and fro,
pruning and breaking the limbs
from trees the limbs flying aimlessly,
through the skies to nowhere.

Then with a crash,
and a boom the thunder told,
its telltale story, lightning had struck the earth.
One bolt, then another struck,
the flashes, and the booms,
growing more frightful,
with each strike.

The storm increased its ferocity,
lightning flashed, thunder echoed,
throughout the land,
they flashed and boomed,
in a continuous concert,
of nature’s purest and finest notes.

Hail began to fall assaulting the earth,
usurping the rains path from the clouds,
the once whispering rain,
now replaced with raucousness,
of pop, click, and thud.

The concert continued,
sustained by constant rain and hail,
prolonged by incessant lighting,
uninterrupted by perpetual thunder,
and conducted by none other,
than the Divine Wind.

Of course, the earth will survive,
and when the conditions are favourable,
the Divine Wind will pick up its baton,
and begin a new symphony,
using only the purest notes it has to offer.

Just as it has done for time without end,
All living things are invited to attend,
and every one of us is guaranteed,
a front row seat to watch and listen,
to the symphony the Divine Wind conducts.

All the elements of the symphony are;
written and conducted by the Divine Wind,
it cares not whether,
its performance is or isn’t enjoyed,
its joy is measured by the destruction,
it leaves in its wake.

And the aftermath of nature’s symphony,
the earth will cleanse itself,
of what remains behind,
and will wait patiently for the next gala opening,
of the Divine Wind’s newest symphony.

Posted by Frank Goulding

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