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As a child, 
I never gave much thought or credence, 
about growing into manhood. 
And one day to my surprise, 
I found I was a man. 

As a man, 
I never gave much consideration or deliberation, 
about growing old; 
Moreover, I busied myself with everyday things, 
and allowed time to slip by unnoticed.
Then one day I stopped to look about, 
I was shocked to discover I was an old man. 

As an old man, 
I never gave much thought or attention, 
about death,
moreover, I busied myself with selfish things, 
again, I allowed time to slip foolishly by,  
and to my disbelief I found I was dying.

As I lay dying, 
I find all my thoughts and concentration, 
probing my memory 
now, I busy myself searching for the memories, 
of family and friends from by gone days, 
I did not miss until it was too late.



About Me: I am a 63-year-old retired engineer-building contractor who quite recently discovered writing, poetry, and prose. I have no formal training in any discipline where writing was anything more than writing reports or contracts. 
One day while reading a novella, I made the remark, I could write a novella like the one I was reading, and the gauntlet was thrown down. I bought a high school English Grammar book and a college English Grammar book and studied them both from cover to cover. 
I will admit to this day, I write passive sentences, I do occasionally split the infinitive, and least we not forget I might butcher the mechanics, of the English language. However, Word does a wonderful job pointing out those major flaws in my sentences and paragraphs, then gleefully points out those mistakes, and demands they’re fixed immediately. I hate those little red, blue, and green underlines that appear out of no-where when I type.
I wrote in my journals, and I wrote prose and other works for ten years before I posted the first poem on the blog. I wrote of and about everything from inspirational prose to a 400-plus-page World War II novel. And numerous short stories and essays. I even wrote a porn story of 75000 words, and I think, I will let it languish in the hallowed cylinders of my hard drive until I can find an out of the way place to post it. 
Out of all my pieces I have penned, I have had two published one in a book of prose and the other in the Harleys Owners Group (HOG Magazine) Volume 21 on the exhaust page.

Please visit Short Stories and other Writings at I hope you will enjoy reading them. 
Thank you, Frank Goulding.

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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