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Daily Archives: April 23, 2014

Dancing tonight – Promote Yourself

I’m going to be dancing tonight,
I’m getting up on the floor,
I am going to spin to tunes,
Until my feet can take no more.

I’m going out tonight,
I am going to dance and drink,
I am going to say bye to my dignity,
As my dancing skills rather stink.

I am going dancing tonight,
Me and my man,
We’re hooking up with our friends,
And dance as much as we can.

We’re going to be home late tonight,
We’ll be stumbling in,
Its going to be so much fun,
To get drunk, dance and sing. 

By Michelle MacKenzie

Not Only But Also – Promote Yourself


Not just a myth
but God’s defining Truth;
Not just a means
but the one true Way;
Not only the creator
but the sustainer of Life;

Not only the beginning
but also the end;
Not only a prophecy
but the fulfilment of the Law;
Not only a baby
but the Prince of Peace;

Not only a perfect man
but the Son of God;
Not only a prophet
but the Word of God;
Not only a priest
but the Holiest of Holies;
Not only a King
but the Lord of Lords;

Not only a sacrifice
but the conqueror of death;
Not only my Saviour
but yours as well;

Not only for then,
Not only for now,
but for eternity.

by @faithunlocked


Guide me my Lord – Promote Yourself


Hold me Dear Lord; I tend to sway
With each passing moment I get carried away.

Comes a day when I chart my way
Followed by weeks when I go astray

There’s a clear understanding as to what is important
But when it comes to giving my best I get hesitant

The day runs me rather than the other way around
Negligent amount of work done by day end leaves me astound!

Thoughts of Penny grapple me
As my boss asks to focus on work subtly

On my way home I wonder what do I really want
Cos there’s nothing that I can’t!

The problem lies in preset goals
Work done on them are size of moles.

Until I finish them I’m not going to be free
Unfortunately it isn’t motivating enough to be on a spree

Dreams are thousand but reality is one
I’m a worked up finance guy having less fun

How does writing and photography fit into this I don’t know
But I do remove time to watch Jon Snow

Then there’s House of Cards, Arrow and Person of Interest
Donna is an amazing actress!

Day by day nothing changes other than TV shows,
Neal Caffrey has many foes.

Kiddo, I wonder how will your mother and I meet
Hell! I need to get out of Baker street!

Charlie woos hot chicks while others fake,
Michael Scofield rocks in prison break!!!

Smelly cats purr purr purr,
Thank you Joey, Rachel, Chandler!

Lie to me and I’ll go mad,
 The hell yo, I’m breaking bad!!

See, how thinking of my goals always takes me away
Guide me my Lord, I get carried away. ..

– By Raj Vora

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