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Daily Archives: April 26, 2014

Maybe – Promote Yourself


Maybe we need to look at the world in a different way ,
Maybe everything is okay ,
Maybe everything falls into the right place everyday , 
Maybe everything is supposed to be the way it is ,              
Maybe nothing is amiss ,
Maybe we only see the worst ,
Maybe we only see that the world is cursed ,
Maybe we don’t see that we are blessed ,
Maybe there is still some humanity left ,
Maybe beyond all the abductions and all the theft ,
There is a brighter planet ,
Maybe that’s the truth and you can’t hide it or ban it , 
Maybe we should no longer live scared ,
Maybe this world is multi-layered.
-Rohan Rajpal

To My Father on Father’s Day – Promote Yourself


Dad, I called you this morning.
I thought of you today.
I think of you often even though you are far away.
As I do every day, not just on Father’s Day.
Every day I wonder how you’re doing.
I pray for you every day.


We may be miles apart.
I may not see you much.
But I know I can depend on you when life gets tough.
I love you. Nothing can ever take your place.
In my heart you always will have a special place.


I may have been raised by my mother as a single parent years down the line.
But nothing will ever replace the love I have for you.
When I called you were there, right on time.
You’ve been there for me through the good and bad.
You taught me things I could not have learned from my mother but only from my Dad.


I remember when I graduated from college twice you weren’t one to fly.
But you were the first one to walk off the plane full of joy and pride.
At my graduation words could not express how proud you were of me.
As you stood in the aisle, with a smile on your face, and blocked the view
Of others who couldn’t  see.


You are my role model.
You taught me how to be strong.
You taught me the importance of education.
And assured me I didn’t have to fit in to belong.


You always told me to keep my “eyes on the prize”
To make decisions not based on ignorance, but to be strong and wise
When I found trouble lurking, your words motivated me.
You are intelligent.
You were driven and a hard-worker.
You inspired me.


You taught me the value of life.
You instilled encouragement and inspiration.
You cemented in me the value of obedience and dedication.
You were one-half of another person God sent, my mother, who gave me life.
I thank you both in admiration for your sacrifice.


You told me to be the best I could be.
In essence, I am a replica of you, a “mini-me.”
I’m thankful you taught me how to appreciate who I am and be me.
I’m fearless, confident, smart, and intelligent.
These are some of the things I have you to thank for it.



You’re my ………..

​ ​

Friend, a father, a foe who set the foundation for many things
You’re  ………….. Audacious, not afraid of anything
I hold on to ………… Treasured memories that stood the test of time
My ………………………

​ ​

Heart will always belong to you until the end of time
I appreciate …………… Everything you do
I honor this day in ……. Remembrance of you


 Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you.



Your daughter

Joaynn D

​I wrote this poem to my Dad for Father’s Day. At a time when I couldn’t find a card with the right things I needed to say. So I dedicated this poem to him on that day. And called and read it to him on Father’s Day. He was ecstatic.  Tears welled in my eyes. I too, was elated. He was full of pride. I could sense the glean in his eye and the joy in his heart, even though we were on the phone. If nothing else, when I leave this earth, I know I touched his heart in the most extraordinary way I’ve ever known. Here’s the poem that I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.

Breath Of Freedom – Promote Yourself

As the truth comes to the surface like a bubble stuck under a glacier,
The once unstoppable obstacle melts away at the warming reality of our new future,
As we inhale this feeling of hope we begin to believe that everything is not forsaken,
We can change the world,
We can make a difference,
We can have liberty.
 Thomas Lartin

Listen To The Cry Of A Silent Victim – Promote Yourself


I’m going off subject again today.
My mind’s scattered. Thoughts are all over the place.
I woke to some disturbing news the other day
And have not been able to sleep or shake it all week.
I tried to put it in the back of my mind, but something is not letting me.

It keeps surfacing in my thoughts so I must release it to clear my head.
Things like this cannot be left unsaid.

My heart is heavy laden.
An innocent teenager took his life the other day.
He sent a message on a well-known social media platform
Earlier that morning, that same day
No one paid attention.
All I could do was pray.

He posted a goodbye in the wee hours of the morning.
So it definitely was not a time during heavy traffic where it could not be noticed.
Sadly, there were many clicks on “likes” by his friends.
I’m confused. Why didn’t anyone see the warning signs then?

He seemed uneasy and restless. He blamed himself for the mess.
He apologized before whatever was planned by him to happen
Clearly during his time of distress.
He seemed unhappy, as tears welled in my eyes.
Then he ended the post and said goodbye.

My heart sank. Tears of sorrow filled my face as I cried.
It took all the strength I had to accept what I knew already happened. He died.
I know he either had parents or someone who cared about him
That could have been notified.
This child was clearly crying out for help before he took his life and died.

Social media has a massive process of notification for everything:
Mentions, promotional ads, retweets, even notice of ones who are trending.
Even more disturbing is how easy it is
For officials to track and catch potential culprits in a place like this.

But when it comes to things like this, sadly there’s no app for it.
Why isn’t there an alert to track key words of potential suicide victims?
Who may connect to lines to aid in suicide prevention?

My prayers are with this young man’s family.
My heart aches and is torn in pieces.
It hurts tremendously.
Words cannot express the sadness or pain I feel.
I pray for peace, comfort, strength; that his family may be healed.

While I cannot blame social media for the events that have occurred,
I can only hope that in the same way we use social media to spread the word.
Not only of events that matter most to us,
But place a greater significance on things such as this that should disturb us.

Not that we may find recognition or potential success.
But because it is imperative we find a way to take notice of things such as this.
In the hopes we may help save a life.
Assured it is not remiss but will help because of our sacrifice.

This child’s life may have been saved
Had someone taken responsibly and taken the time to carefully read his words
And took heed to his warning.
Instead of ignoring and acknowledging his effort by clicking “likes,”
When he silently cried out for help before ending his life.

Suicide is a serious issue oftentimes I feel we fail at recognizing; miserably.
We don’t take it seriously.
We ignore the warning signs after it’s too late.
If only someone will only listen to the cry of a silent victim before it is too late.

Let this be an example of what we can do
As a society to rightfully help potential suicide victims make it through,
In a platform that gets the most attention.
Use social media to your advantage, to get the right attention.

If we take heed to the warning signs when it comes to saving a life.
We can be the person that may help save a life.
Know that a cry out for help clearly calls for our attention.
Let social media not be just to gain potential followers,
But alert anyone that will listen.
Listen to the cry of a silent victim.

 Joaynn D

Thank you for listening.-JD

For more information on how you can help someone who may

 Joaynn D be suicidal on social media, please visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

Hiding Away – Promote Yourself

                                        I hide away and cover up for all to see I give a disguise its not me,I hide away from the looks what people see I don’t want them to know its just me.                  I see myself in the mirror I’m surprised to say,you shouldn’t be here just go away.    Who’s this face I see the morning light ,is this me its gives me a fright.                          ~                                                                  This figure I see in full view, I don’t know who is it me or you ,I look appon myself is this what I see, is it a stranger no its me.      I don’t know who I am any more this figure I see,some one I don’t recognise no its not me.                                                      ~              I stand in the crowd what every one sees, I look around never at ease,        this image I am so many faces I have to wear, I look in the mirror I just despare,        I hide so many times the days ahead,I wish I stop and stay instead.        I’m tired and sad of hiding away,I wish I can be normal and just stay,this is who I really am ,I’m going to be brave and be a man.            Patricia bourne 

FountainHead © – Promote Yourself

With the flow of ink and colour of words,
Covering counts of emotions,
By love of my holds,
Between fingers , beneath index..
Rolling at curve angles 
On sharp shaped points..
Like a tongue of mind over paper folds hearts..
From last 71 months 
Level 91 poetic rhythms..
I am listening my beats
and singing blue songs,
Legacy of Emotions
Swaying the throngs.
By the Fountain of My life
Following Journey of my Words.

(Poem on my Journey of love with fountains from last 71 months, 91 poems , Dedicating my Poem to all Fountain Pen Lovers ,Who thinks fountains are not just a media but a Charm,Voice of Poet hearts.)

Atul Shukla

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