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Daily Archives: April 27, 2014

BREAKING POINT – Promote Yourself


I’m at my breaking point,
I have had enough,
I would never had agreed to this,
If I knew it’d be this tough.

No more Grandad visits,
I’m definitely sure,
I’m so sick of screaming,
My throat is feeling sore.

Kids aren’t angels; I know,
But they’re not as bad as today,
I couldn’t believe my eyes,
When they behaved this way.

They have finally stopped screaming,
And have finally calmed down,
I am so not amused,
Can you see the size of my frown?

So, I am at my breaking point,
I grind my teeth and cry,
Never again this will happen,
And don’t he dare ask me why! 

I open a bottle of wine,
I pour myself a drink,
Thank god the kids are sleeping,
My mood flipping stinks.

I’m so angry right now,
I don’t know why,
But grandad turns my kids to monsters,
And it makes me wanna cry.

 Michelle MacKenzie

Poetry competition – Promote Yourself

The ghosts of my past follow me to the brink
Madness consumes every thought I think
demons rise as I fall short in dark in the worse way
A new life, a nightmare that begins with my dismay

This great burden has taken everything away
It took my heart my soul and my spirit in a day
I’ve walked the paths where no men dare tread near
Where the weak die young and brave knights fear

I’ve been in battles with monsters that took many a good men
Battles that I’d hope no one would have to go through again
Loses that we’re unthinkable tragedies across the land
When you fall to green and corruption nothing is as planned

Your mind is consumed by the temptation of feeling you
But the happiness and good feeling become kind of see through
In the grip of addiction your mind and art suffer
end of the road finding a new highs gets tougher

It’s always Golden brown, pink or white 
keeps me awake till morning light,
Love eternity for the place I’ve been,
A cruel love affair with the taste sin,
needle of vice hangs from a vain,
cold sweats bloody nose chest pain,
little spirit left my soul starts to fade,
deal with the devil, my life has been paid.

Standing on a mountain, it’s more then I could of wished,
My addictions fallen into a bottomless
As i turn tears start to fall and i raised my fist,
I Scream “your now history and you shall not be missed”

Joseph Luke Shiakallis

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