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Daily Archives: April 28, 2014

The midnight hour



When the sun sets

And the day is devoured

I finally reflect

In the midnight hour

Did I have a productive day

Will I progress in the month of May

Will tomorrow run as fine

Will I ever write that very last line

When the sun has set

And the day is devoured

I finally reflect

In the midnight hour

Tea on tap

Computer in hand

Sitting in silence

Isn’t life grand

Gillian Sims


Fleeting – Promote Yourself


The last purple petal of a petunia

finally falls.

See: shriveling sunflowers,

decadent daffodils, dying dandelions,

and wilting wisteria.

Not even the scarlet shade

of the alluring amaranth lasts.


The autumn of the heart:

The fatal fall of all the fiber of fantasies.

Withered will be those that were once

blissfully blooming;

faded and hazed will be

the floral hues,

and then we will witness the wild white winter

freezing the heavily hapless heart.


The mercurial memories,

the frosty fissures of

reveries reminiscent of a once relentless river,

and all the fleeting fables of forever—

Ours was a blossom of an ephemeral flower.


by Jade Mark Capiñanes, Philippines

“Rays to the ground” – Promote Yourself


Here we stand in the veil of the sun

Soft burn over last night’s bliss

Give me all that’s left in light concealed

A promise so deep it can drown, a kiss


Here the threads of mercy were spun

No cloak but a summer dress

Throw the wheel against years presumed lost

Without fear of joy, without tears possessed


In twelve sudden years our tent was raised

In one night’s slow pleasure, burned


Now the trust of the trail must be won

Fall these careful steps can’t vex

Give her your gorgeous warmth when I go

A promise to keep, hold true to the next

I am a Mediocre! – Promote Yourself


I try to see it all
Any hidden truth
Or malicious intent
Try to listen carefully
To the body language
And making eye contact
I prefer to listen
Rather than talking
Do my best to appear
Wise and sombre
But I am a mediocre

Jack of all trades
Know that my awareness
Is kind of supercilious
And I believe honestly
Honesty can be a daunting policy!
I’m an introvert, but try
To be a likeable personality
But am intimidated easily
I want to win the game
Difficult to stick to a schedule
A procrastinator, no hard worker

The Street Children.- Promote Yourself


children selling flowers

On the streets of my metro
Little kids are begging
Or disguising begging with selling
Balloons or silly toys
Curbing their own urge to play
Wind shields of swanky cars cleaning
Or flowers selling
Young girls get prepositions
From the unscrupulous people
Criminals and drug pushers
The city streets are not meant
For the children

The hungry and underfed
The sick and unwell
The kidnapped and runaways
The crippled and the mained
People collecting donations
Which always go missing
And nobody taking responsibility
We are all a bit uneasy
When faced with such a query

Death – Promote Yourself


Where Do I Begin..

Im Going To Let Everyone In..

What Runs Through My Mind..

That’s Hard To Leave Behind..

Its Called Death..

When Will I Take My Last Breath..

Will It Be Tomorrow Or In A Few Years..

Who Will Laugh Who Will Shed Tears..

Who Will Grieve And Who Will Not Care..

That I’m No Longer There..

Who Will Think About Me Day After Day…

Whose Lives Will I Effect In The Worst Way..

That’s All I Think About..

Am I On The Way Out..

Or Am I Staying Here For Awhile..

Who Will Cry And Who Will Smile..

My Death Will Leave Whose Face Wet..

But Those Are Answers I’ll Never Get..

See Death Weighs On My Mind..

And It’s Hard To Leave It Behind..

Will I Become Blind..

Or Will I Become Deaf…

Before My Death..

I Dont Know How My Life Will Be Affected..

Will I Slowly Start Getting Neglected..

And Will I Be Left All Alone…

To Fight Death On My Own..

Will I Die In My Home..

This Is The Thought My Mind Keeps Repeating..

The Same Thought I Continuously Try Deleting…

But No Success..

So Here I Am To Stress…

And Continuously Think Of This Subject..

I Know My Past Is Not Perfect..

But That Is What Im Trying To Correct..

So Hopefully If I Die I Can Resurrect..

But That Is Far Fetched..

Couldn’t Even Reach That If I Stretched..

So I Guess When I Die I’m Gone For Good…

I Would Delete This Thought If I Could..

I Know I Should..

If I Can Delete It I Would..

But I Try Every Possible Solution..

And Its Just Filling My Mind With Pollution..

It Doesn’t Work Not Even A Little…

Its Like I’m Stuck In The Middle..

Between Life And Death..

Wondering If This Is My Last Breath..

So That’s What I Think About Every Day..

I Think About It In Every Way..

It Leaves Me Speechless With Nothing To Say..

I Try To Delete It And I’m Still Trying..

But My Continuous Thought Is About Dying..

So Now That I Let Everybody In..

I’ll Continue To Think About Death Like I’ve  Been..

Mark Patella

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