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Daily Archives: April 30, 2014

HER MELANCHOLY – Promote Yourself


A little more he was sufficient for her,
More dismal was she for him

A little more pain he caused her,
Some more love she poured on him

A little more she illuminated his life,
A little more he somber hers

A little more love she transcend for him,
more waspish he was to her

A little harm he did to her,
Some more charmed she was of him,

A little ill fare was he for her,
Big welfare was she for him

A little detrimental he was to her,
A lot Beneficial was she for him

A little more he damaged her,
Some more broken pieces of her heart she kept intact for him

A little more attempt she made to be happy,
A little more sorrow he added in her life

A little more she made an effort to smile,
A bit more sullen he made her feel

A little more she was cheerful to him,
A little more he was morose to her

A little more he stabbed her,
A little bit more she realized it

The love was filled only within her,
Sadistically he took her last breathe away

A little later there was no more of her,
more frivolous was his life without her

His days turned dark, his night was now mournful,
Death was now alluring to him, and he preferred to be with her.

Fatima Mudhesh

Winter Madness – Promote Yourself


Stepping outside into the wintry air,
I feel chills up my fine arm hair.
Winter coats on backs of everybody,
Not a mere accessory, forgotten by folly.

Umbrellas, sitting broken in rubbish bins,
forgotten. Against the wind they’ll never win.
Straightened hair, blowing wildly everywhere,
You’ll soon learn to wear a beanie out here.

Short skirts? Don’t bother with those,
Unless you fancy a nice snotty nose.
Swimsuits? They’re non existant.
Find yourself a snowsuit in an instant.

Late night clubbing? 
No thank you, Not any more.
How about dinner at home,
With the fire a-roar.

Planning holidays, down to the snow.
It’s where all of the cool kids go.
Bought some new snow pants, thanks Mum! 
Show them off boarding, as I fall on my bum.

Winter ain’t all bad, not in my mind.
There’s plenty to enjoy you’ll find.
Of course If you don’t find rain, wind & snow fun..
You could always go on holiday for some tropical sun.

-Molly Golightly





I have watched and listened,

At what men say and do,

Of blunders made,

That has affected me and you.


The struggle for power,

The struggle for greed,

Stimulates mans ego,

On all of these they feed.


Minds full of material things,

To obtain the very best,

They walk all over the little man,

Who to them is just a pest?


Their are more things in life,

Than money possession and power,

The whole universe surrounds you,

To inspire you hour by hour.


There are many ways to success,

By helping those in need,

The satisfaction that they obtain,

By doing a good deed.


So to succeed in life,

The material life as well,

Combine the two together,

Let them merge and jell.


When you have achieved the balance,

Your out look on life will be,

A clearer understanding,

Of things you do and see.


Malcolm  Bradshaw  

The Rats (here they come) – Promote Yourself


The rats of potent truth
come at night
to eat my bones
learn my secrets
They know
me too well now
my flavour is beginning
to sour
They realize
their pursuit has been
a waste of time

There is no new information
in my organs

My heart tastes like
Sangria and buttered toast,
the arteries are clogged
plastic love

Being With You

When I’m
with you
I’m not with me
and that is both
the solution
the problem

At it’s very
root canal
you are the water in my oil
and connected
combined by
our immune systems
breathing each other
Intertwined, no, interwoven
together like
Man and nature

In Bed

Draw circles
on her belly
with pen

She laughs
at how I

I am a
hairy furnace
She is
my cold purpose

She can have
most of
the blankets

I just need
her there
with goosebumps

giving me
a reason
to see how beautiful
a life can be

Jordan Kelloway

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