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Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

A soldier life. – Promote Yoursef

                                                   the war
 A soldier life is a hard one so many to see,the horrors of war so constantly,they fight through the streets and houses below,wondering where the people will show.                                                                                                                          ~                                                                  A soldiers life is a hard one for you to see,he’s see death and distruction so wearly,pain and suffering all around,            wondering peace can be found.                      ~                                                                    As we heal from our wounds,we pick our selfs up and reach for the moon.                Life can begin again,with the help from family and friends.                                        Day to day we move forward,I some times I can’t be bothered,as life goes on for me and you,I just wonder if I can choose.      Memories can come and go,I wish the nightmares would slow,in my dreams and my thoughts,I wish it stop terroring and halt.                                          ~                                                                    As a soldier we are strong, we are a fighting machine we do no wrong,this is the life we have chosen,we fight for freedom for those who knows them.            As the war is over the fighting is done,        now its time to have some fun.                      ~      patricia bourne ~  

The Flow – Promote Yourself

Eddy’s whirlpools
Swift streams
Mighty rivers
Widening estuaries
Cascading falls
Sculpting, eroding, landscapes altering
It’s in the flow
Fast or slow
Stop or go
Sink or swim
Waves crash upon jetties
Spewing geysers
Of sea foam
Ankle deep
Or to the shoulders
Flotsam and jetsam
A sea
Tsunami, rivulet
Life giving
Life saving
Life changing
Your rain
Falls upon us all
Just the same
Your sovereign reign
Holy living water
From the deepest well
Created by love
Innately imbued
To thirst
For you.
Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, South Carolina


Say what you like, I’ll bite your head off anyway.. – Promote Yourself


Woken by some one
Honking in the street
Oh god, what time?
Only 4am.
Wake again at six.
Off to yoga I go…
But wait.
Where are my gym pants?
I do not know.
Crash. Bang. Slam.
I tear my house apart.
Nowhere to be seen.
Showered. Dressed.
I’d like to wear my watch today.
Oh no. It’s gone.
Cannot find it anywhere.
That’s it.
Feeling murderous today.

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