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Daily Archives: May 7, 2014

Free the Girls – Promote Yourself

How insecure,
How ignorant,
How weak and cowardly,
Must man be
To brainlessly,
And brutally
Punish girls,
Whose only ‘crime’
Is to grow up
Learning naturally? 
To expand and nurture
Minds of their own,
Which only wish 
To be free?
Free to live,
And to love;
To grow up
Learning how to be
Educated women;
Proud, independent women,
Born to live,
Born to grow,
Not subject
To man’s yoke
Of evil slavery;
But to be, and to stay
Proud women,
Forever Free.
by @faithunlocked




Listen to mother earth,

Listen and you shall hear,

Something that is stirring,

Something that is near.


What can this excitement be?

That you sense is all around,

What is that vibration?

That is felt from within the ground.


Mother Natures is awakening,

For spring is in the air,

Waiting to give birth,

Of jewels that she will share.


A treasure box of beauty,

Standing all in line,

Waiting to give pleasure,

Eager to grow and shine.


Miracles everyone of them,

As they struggle through the ground,

Waiting to bloom,

For everyone around.


Mother Nature is at her best,

When she carpets our entire world,

With breath taking colours,

When her kingdom she does unfurl.


So breath in all that she gives,

Sweet perfumes of delight,

A healing power of love,

From natures eternal light.


Malcolm G Bradshaw 

I BELIEVE – Promote Yourself


When the days go dark, and the nights are black,
I BELIEVE, that brightness will be back.
When I feel lone, and sadness creep,
I BELIEVE, that this phase will leap.
When love is lost, and pulse is high,
I BELIEVE, there is God on whom I can rely.
When things get blur, and I weep,
I BELIEVE, soon I would get a blissful sleep.
For I Believe, there is a ray of light that will eat up the darkness.
For I Believe, there is a pinch of love that will wipe away the pain.
For I Believe, there is a hand that will pull me back.
For I know, there is always a reason to believe.
– By Fatima Mudhesh
About Fatima Mudhesh:
I am a Software Developer by job and training.
I am passionate about Coding and Software Development and I work mostly on iOS development (MonoTouch/ Xamarin iOS), .NET (Traditional and MVC) and SQL. In my spare time I am a Do It Yourself-er, and I often end up trying home made remedies/ masks for Hair and Skin, I love them because there are no chemicals in that. Being a girl, I do have few traits that enjoy occasionally decking up, I enjoy reading Books, mostly of literary, romance, Teen flicks genre, and when I start reading I am all sucked up in that. I enjoy watching American TV Series mostly of Comedy, Thriller genre. I enjoy watching movies of most genres. I am a great appreciator for Animated movies/ series, I enjoy looking at the detailed work. Another spare time activity is Sketching and Painting or at the least Calligraphy. I like to cook and bake. I am a big time Foodie and I love Food. I enjoy experimenting with my taste buds.
I write because it lets me explore my imagination.
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