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Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

Meaningless – Promote Yourself


Meaningless talks
Meaningless memories
Meaningless thoughts
Hoping against reason
Smiling without reason
Someone coming along
Without any reason

Oh! The falsehoods
Fake hopes
A few stolen moments
Which are so dear
Weeks, months and years
All those wasted times
Heartbreaking and tearful
Dreams shattering

The final truth surfacing
Waiting was hopeless
And the truth sinking
All dreams don’t come true
So, it’s best to forget
And change the pathway

When forgetting is impossible
Its best to forgive
And move away. …..

Aisha Idris

“Faith…unlikely attired” – Promote Yourself

On display…
in the front window of a clothing store
what you’ve always desired
but could never afford

The store itself
a marvel of architecture
ornately decorated
shiny and full of splendor
A man walks up to you and asks:
“what is it that you seek?”
“Tis’ my heart’s desire
unfurled before me”
“I am a man of means
and i would like to pay the cost for you to have it”
says the man
So you watch
incredulously as the man walks in
and the store clerk
takes it down from where it hung on display
wraps it in white tissue paper
lays it across the counter ever so gently
The man motions for you to step forward
and receive it
the full purchase price has been paid
but as you step towards the threshold
you catch your reflection in the window
can’t believe or conceive it…
“why would a stranger do this for me?”
and so you hesitate
You think to yourself:
“i can’t go in there anyhow,
not looking this way”
So you run…
And come to learn one day
that kind man
never stopped looking for you
he found you
passed out in an alleyway
you awakened to a voice that said:
“I’ve waited a long time,
to give this gift to you,
you’ve grown a bit
but rest assured
it shall be
a perfect fit.”
Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Remembrance – Promote Yourself

rainy day
I still remember, the feel of raindrops on my skin
The dripping of droplets, the splashing of water on the streets.
Building paper boats, racing them in the water flow
Hustling on the muddy streets, jumping in the puddles.
Now I sit in my porch, witness the beauty
Water surging down the leaves, the waving of the trees.
I wish dancing in the rain, soaking the joy
Carefree of the world, apathy of the judgement.
But I am sluggish and I renounce
I stifle my acts, I strangle my passions.
Always on the quiver, forsake my longings
Because I am no more myself but a version of a person others want me to be.
Fatima Mudhesh

Old And Frail – Promote Yourself

Weakened eyes, greying  hair
She sits in the balcony
From her eye, fell a single tear
As she looked at the rising sun
So beautiful, on the horizon

With no one around 
She feels so lonely 
A remote house, without any sound 
Her children left for they were all grown 
With a family of their own

They treated her like a burden 
Cared little for her well being 
They just wanted her money, she knew for certain 
To them, she would be useful when dead
Useful, only on her death bed 

Still, she somehow carries on 
Till the day her life would end 
And, she would be gone…
I wish I knew why people fail
To love the “Old and Frail”

Grace Linton
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