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Daily Archives: May 12, 2014

A Few Regrets: – Promote Yourself


I walked away in anger,
Stayed put for a harbinger,
And so, things were neither here nor there
I stayed away too longer;

Then trying to make amends,
Gradually detected changes,
A subtle change in the habits,
Sadly I figured, no one dies for anyone;

Never walk away so far,
Keep your door always ajar,
Don’t allow gloom to mar,
Accept that no one can be at par;

Either accept that none is perfect,
Or pursue your innate quest,
Do for yourself what you think is best,
And there’s a God up there, for the rest!!!

Aisha Idris

Lullaby – Promote Yourself

Sleep, sleep and if by chance,
As a rule,
Some river,
Some glove,
Some creek
Sweeps you up,
Slips you up,
Slaps you on the cheek
Don’t Duel.
Everyone clocks,
All tear up grass,
Don’t solemnly step
As you pass,
Step so we can hear you stepping
And consider Auden’s faithless arm,
Yeats’s stone heart, drowsy harm,
I don’t want to hear any kiss or declaration,
I don’t want to hear a peep.
Kind animals don’t have a nation,
Kind animals sleep.
Jack Bradfield

Picture So Pretty – Promote Yourself

I want to free fall into the unknown,
And from there on be sown.
Sown to your skin,
And together we’d spin,
Falling forever through the clouds in your eyes,
And be carried on the wind as we float through uncoloured skies.
Skies beyond our galaxy,
Drifting through my own fallacy.
Here I lay, but there I soar,
So light my body leaves the floor.
I feel you hold me, like a draft through the wall,
I let myself hang as my mind allows my consciousness to stall.
 Georgia Duckett

The Fallen – Promote Yourself


They, that Fell from Grace,
a Fiery Trail did Trace,
Plummeting, Spiraling Down,
Stricken by His Mighty Frown,
Stripped Forever of Their Glorious Wings,
a Dirge the Heavenly Chorus Sadly Sings,
Seared by the Heat of His Gaze,
Their Souls were set Ablaze,
Dug They Deep into the Dirt,
to Conceal Their Pain and Hurt,
He Who was the Morning Star,
Dropped into Depths Far,
now in Hell Lucifer Rules,
Mankind is Naught but His Tools,
and The Bringer of Light,
Hides From God’s Holy Sight,
Angels No More,
The Devil Wages War,
Damnation does Slyly Creep,
Souls He does joyfully Reap
Satan is Easily Winning
Humanity is Fond of Sinning.


I am a fifty year-old woman living in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, cooking, and various arts and crafts. I am the person of one cat.

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