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Daily Archives: May 15, 2014

I’m inside here – Promote Yourself


I’m inside here
Though I can not
move or speak
I’m inside here

“She’s so young
It’s such a shame”

I’m inside here
I hear them
Move and speak
I’m inside here

“I need you
Don’t leave me”

I’m inside here
I hear him
Calling me
I’m inside here

My heart breaks
I can’t respond

I’m inside here
My heart is strong
I will move and speak
I’m inside here

Just wait for me

Lisa Ojanpera

Yet you tell me – Promote Yourself


Yet you tell me,
I don’t love you.
But don’t see
the way I look at you.
When you don’t see my hurt
at the way you view
my stares, at the way
I adore you.
Yet you say
that I don’t love you
but have you
ever read me?
I may be
just as wondering
as what you
think I see.
As much you think
you know my thoughts
as though you read
my mind.
Is as much as if you
know mine too
as though I think
you’ll find.
Perhaps it is
just as you say.
Perhaps it is
you’re right.
Perchance it’s not
perchance you’ll find
I’m actually aright.
In fact, may-chance
I’ve seen your eyes,
such emerald in hue,
but when you’re angry
as such they are
they change to grey-ish blue.
You think I love you
only now,
only booze-ridden will do
but listen here,
just hear me out,
Am I not here,
with you?
It’s not by chance,
it’s not by luck,
I chose to be here now
But by my choice,
I drove here late
just to be here
with you.

Molly Golightly

That Space In Between


Where we find hope

Framed by last night and tomorrow

that sight

that helps our tired soul

to want to wish for whimsical


When the sky opens

and sunlight pierces through the clouds

to suggest

some far greater purpose

belongs in our mind

rather than the day to day struggle;

the moments we articulate

our worries

become less prevalent.

When we step

upon the before

and presumed future.

That moment in between

that becomes the now.

© Thom Amundsen

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