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Daily Archives: May 16, 2014

THE FINAL GOODBYE: – Promote Yourself


Life’s journey was passing
There was little worth remarking
Then with certain misgivings
I recalled your leaving

Through a thick fog and mist
Surreal images appear best
The dreamy night was starlit
Our Goodbye was the hardest

Could never get over your going
Years went by, passing
In life, things keep on changing
But your memory is always lingering. ….

Aisha Idris

BOOKS. – Promote Yourself




      hidden stories in every book, turn a page and have a look,adventure danger love stories too,have a look about you know who.                                                              History an cooking an wars too,turn a page about you know who,fashion art where it begins,look in the book to read about things.                                                Stories of untold past,turn a page you may ask,so many adventures you could read,I wonder if you ever suceed, so many stories you could learn,reading about it as you turn.                                      ~            You read about life this an that,I wonder if its all fact,as we learn more about books,I wonder if you just take a look,as in turn we may find,we learn about life,an not behind.                              Now the books we just read,now its time to go to bed.                                              ~        patricia bourne ~     

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