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Daily Archives: May 17, 2014

Love & Me Twenty Two Going -Promote Yourself

Love & Me Twenty Two Going
Where is my love 
Where is my life
In the Springs of April
I am waiting 
I am Searching around 
With heart of Ace
For Queen of Hearts
In colour crowds
Twinkling around ;
Humming love sounds
Attracted by the Sparkle,
When I looked into the waves
and in her beautiful eyes
Those eye lines 
And gloss of their charms
Separates me from myself
Feelings and emotions Within ,
Like untamed sea fog
By the drift from horizon
Ruling shades of time thorns.
But today I am waiting
Looking over second hours
Raising beats over questions..
Filled with Desires 
Over Daydreams
When I am covered 
with clouds of loneliness
and speechless surround.
Where are you ?
Atul Shukla

“The Air It Sits” – Promote Yourself


The air sets in on the weary minded
Water beads on the skin of the saint
Soaks their lusts, blankets their sin

Breezeless, dank, bound and pinned
Presence of demons, unclean beasts
The stillness haunts them, all set in

Questing for sunlight, evil to quench
Must be an exception for such purity
Lo, the air it sits on the soul of piety

Enter the sinner, reviling in the still
Ducking the light to seek their way
Existing to breathe in without fear

Their monsters dwell in the sultry
Thrive in the hanging mist of sins
Juries crouched in buildings, safe

Divisions and factions of the same
Willing to kill for their simple belief
Still the air it sits on them all alike

Jonathan Ojanpera

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