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Daily Archives: May 23, 2014

The First Song~ Promote Yourself



Wandering minds

Driven always to seek

Never to find

We stood in that soft field of green

At the beginning of the world

Brothers and sisters

Beholden only to the celestial beauty

Unfolding before us

Bodies of light


But as the stars fell

We started to worry

Then a question arose

And with that question

Our hands fell away from one another

Our innocence was lost

No longer perfectly bound to the perfect moment

The pathless journey commenced

The journey that would lead us

Farther from ourselves

Than we dared to imagine

For if we did

Our flickering bodies

Might turn to stone

Starlight dancing in our eyes

The wise wind whispering

Come Back

We were already too far gone

Standing there together

Alone for the first time

Lost in mind

Our thoughts drowned out

The sound of the nightingale

Singing the first song

©2014 Julian Brook Ruszel

Falling Up – Promote Yourself



We watched with curious eyes

as the space next to our apartment

building was cleared for the construction

zone. A barren flat square amidst the towers

of cold steel in the humming metropolis.


Soon the square would be filled with large

skinny cranes, pipes and men with bright

white hardhats scattered everywhere,

tiny moving dots from our window.


The boisterous pitter-patter of hammers

filled my head day after day but you praised it,

the sound of progress, you would say, a dawn

of hope in the midst of this damned recession.



I fall into the stained, tan recliner–

the last relic of our union– and close

my eyes to listen to the sound of the

silence I have been craving.

When you were here, your shrill voice filled

my head, trapping me and pushing

me to the edge, where there’s no escape

but by your perilous touch.

We never could know how

things would fall apart, how

you would turn to me as I would

turn away, how as the buildings

came up, you and I would come

tumbling down, lost in the remnants

of what we thought could stand

Meagan Schrock
My name is Meagan Schrock and I’m a junior at Elon University. I just took a creative writing class this semester and have really found a passion for poetry. 
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