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Daily Archives: May 24, 2014

Midnight Thoughts – Promote Yourself

It is time for everyone to be asleep,
But I could not help but to write to keep,
I look outside my window as I weep,
For my thoughts are becoming really deep.
Twinkling stars are up in the sky,
A bright light appears to be floating nigh,
As the wafting wind tries to make me fly,
I feel refreshed so with relief I sigh.
I can stare at the heavens for the sun isn’t out,
My eyes will not get hurt beyond any doubt,
The shade of blue that is entirely throughout-
Made me realize what happiness is all about.
And now I confess that I never saw such view,
It was my mind that made up all things untrue,
If you just knew that the reason was you,
Then I would not have written this-
For there would be someone I can speak to.
Shevaun Lemieux

My Car Screamed, I Heard It -Promote Yourself


Day dreaming at 60 miles an hour

My old engine rolling under the moon

Soft acoustic blanket swimming out from the radio

Warming me up like the coffee

Sitting there in its holder

Still and calm

And then the velvet notes


Replaced by tires screeching on asphalt

Shrill like a shriek

Headlights blinding the mirrors

Metal in tons colliding into each other

Jerking my neck forward

Can’t see

Too bright

Too hot

Coffee everywhere

I stumble out

 Shaky legs

He emerged from his car

Smashed in like an accordion

Are you hurt

No, I’m okay

He kept apologizing

I wasn’t mad

Not at all

I was okay

He was okay

Accidents happen

But he kept talking to me

With tears on his face

The wetness shimmering in the roaring lights

Whizzing by like rockets

So loud I couldn’t hear him

He didn’t wipe them away

They just stayed there

On his face

Wet and shimmering


My name is Martha Q
I am twenty years old
Born and raised in California, U.S.A
I was adopted at the age of four from Foster Care
I have a lot to figure out about myself
Here is a poem I wrote with a link to my poetry wordpress blog.

Dead man’s hand


1846 – 1917

A game of poker a deck of cards

52 cards lay upon a table

The cards are dealt

A pair of eights and a pair of aces

The last card lay face down upon the table

A dead man’s hand had just been dealt

A saloon a drink a game of cards,

A pair of eights a pair of aces

A fifth card lay unseen,

Buffalo Bill a legend

A gun fighter and a gambler

His cards lay upon the table

Never to be read,

All you could see was

A pair of eights and a pair of aces,

And the rest is a mystery

And a legend lays dead

So always remember the dead man’s hand

A pair of eights and a pair of aces

And the fifth card face down

Upon the card table


Thomas Sims

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