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Daily Archives: May 25, 2014

We Are Not Alone

We are not alone
Although we might feel we are
Even in the midst of darkness
We all are observed from afar

For in that distance land of beauty
Where our spirit friends reside
Times when we feel vulnerable
When we have sat down and cried

For we all have a link of love
That is placed within each heart
It’s energy within our spirit
Knowing that we are never apart

Take from that energy of love
Where ever you may roam
Feel the love it contains
Knowing that you are not alone

Malcolm Bradshaw

Hidden agenda -Promote Yourself


Beauty will be ruined by the dismantlement of self

Flaws, defects, disfiguring our actual appearances

Ridding our mind of peace and filling our hearts with sorrows.

The reflection we now look at become muddled

water not realizing our purification mode had been set to idle.

Features change and we become foreign to ourselves

unable to recognize who everybody claims you to be

Because YOU will not see it..

not that you won’t ever; but the mirror has now gained condensation

Now unaware of what was once there.

Draw your image once more

because it’s who you hid yourself to be.

A self proclaimed nothing 

but an entombed sense of self.

Anticipating that moment where 

its impervious to reside again.

Tammy Jackson

The Whipping by Robert Hayden – Your Favourite poem

The old woman across the way
is whipping the boy again
and shouting to the neighbourhood
her goodness and his wrongs.

Wildly he crashes through elephant ears,
pleads in dusty zinnias,
while she in spite of crippling fat
pursues and corners him.

She strikes and strikes the shrilly circling
boy till the stick breaks
in her hand. His tears are rainy weather
to woundlike memories:

My head gripped in bony vise
of knees, the writhing struggle
to wrench free, the blows, the fear
worse than blows that hateful

Words could bring, the face that I
no longer knew or loved . . .
Well, it is over now, it is over,
and the boy sobs in his room,

And the woman leans muttering against
a tree, exhausted, purged–
avenged in part for lifelong hidings
she has had to bear.


poetry: cot kiss – Promote Yourself



her arms rest lush

from the warm rush

to her face and lips

to savor his lips


he holds her thin

feathery on crown and chin

his lips working softly o’er

gently but firm on hers

 Shaddie  Sant

[  painting is by Amos Cassioli (1831-1891) ]Here’s a poem for promotion of my blog:


England is said to be a good place to be
Where everyone can escape from the chains of poverty
By claiming the available means tested benefits
Or being fortunate enough to win the National Lottery
All they have to do is pick six lucky numbers
And riches beyond their wildest dreams will be theirs
An opportunity given twice a week to everyone
To allow them to join the evergrowing band of millionaires
Unfortunately the chances of winning are very slim
And the result is that there are many losers in the game
This means that the poor become even poorer
And there is less advantage from the benefits they claim
Is the lottery a symptom of the nation’s greed?
It is a sad reflection if this is true
Are the proposed new casinos to satisfy a real need
Or is it just another means of raising revenue?
The lottery and casinos are means of taking money from the punters
There are some winners, but more losers I am sad to say
The same applies to betting on the horses
In the long run many gamblers will rue the day 
Ron Martin
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