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Daily Archives: May 26, 2014

moonlight pitter-patter – Promote Yourself



in the lush moonlight

under scattered blinking stars

on cobblestones under cherry blossoms

late-nighters’ feet pitter-patter over the pond

intermittent with lil woofs and miaoos

and lil boys and lil girls are asleep

or are supposed to except

the naughty ones


I don’t just want to belong to your hands – Promote Yourself



I don’t want to just belong to your hands.

Or the parts of you aching of lust and desire.

I want my face to prance around the margins of your mind,

And my words to soothe the fragile parts of your soul.

I want to be on you,

All up on you

But you’ll soon forget the warmth of my touch

And the taste of my lips.

There’ll come a day when

I won’t be the subject of your dreams.

Your groins won’t long for me

When that time comes,

I hope they find me in your heart.

Flowing through your blood

And giving you life.

…I want to belong to your heart.

—Omayeli Arenyeka.


If I died Today. – Promote Yourself


If I died today

People would talk.

They’d talk about my potential and how good I could have been,

If the cruel hands of death hadn’t taken me away.

They’d say it was a shame and how “oh she could have been.”

She could have been a writer her mind flowed with ideas

She could have been a teacher her wisdom exceeded her years.

She could have been billionaire…an African woman on Forbes

She could have been a mother, a wife and so much more.

She could have done so much and been good at it too.

Cause in high school she shone so bright, she was one of the few.

She was the one to watch. The one to emulate.

She was the one to be successful the one to be great.

Yes, they’ll all gather around my grave and in the midst of the tears and mourning

They’ll say she could have been the one as the funeral’s adjourning

They wouldn’t be able to imagine that the mighty could’ve fallen

That the world could have got the better of me and no I wouldn’t be balling’

No they’d say “She could have been anything cause the world was her oyster”

They’d say all that cause no one wants to imagine that a dead person would have faltered.

And that’s why I would rather die for fear of the unknown –

That I could be leading a country or out selling smoke.

If I live I could falter and then the talk would turn bad

From oh she how could have been great to oh she was so sad.

It’s ironic how after I die the talk about me would all be good.

They’ll say I was beautiful and never bad, just misunderstood.

So let me just die now. Stay in the ground to rot,

Cause I’d rather my story end with a “She could have been” than with a “She was not.”

Omayeli Arenyeka


I Travel These Roads (with apologies to Robert Frost)


Awaken upon cool summer morning

relax in tune in the sweet breeze delight.

Today’s grace gives solace to evening,

hours later our lives become the night.

Yet right now listen, the sun stream amber

We wish wildly worlds will welcome ahead

the nurture of Nature in Her lovely candour.

Pure soul belittles the needs of our head,

sky streaking surreal moments we crave

while battle begins to forge walls behind.

Breathless our weightless lives suspend a wave.

Man, tireless drawn toward slow human bind.

Stretch out your limbs in the hot heat of day

Soon tomorrow recall what is today


© Thom Amundsen


Thank you for the beauty by Malcolm Bradshaw



Frowned – Promote Yourself



My drink bottle leaked in my bag today

I got angry. Again.

and I almost missed my train

– twice

My mother yelled at me for the same reason she did last week

and I got no sleep

as per usual.

There was this man on the train

he looked and me and


I don’t know what to make of that.

And I guess I wrote another poem

maybe another three

but I can never get them quite right.  

And I’m afraid I never will.

Tonight I will think of that man on the train

what was he frowning at?

Klara Cole


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