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Bridges over mottled water – Promote Yourself

The darkness is deep
Deeper even than the oily pools,
That tumble in the recesses, 
Somewhere behind my eyes. 
Looking outward,
It is like a peacock 
Splayed its glassy feathers 
On this tarry mirror.
The mountains make jagged splits
Nursing the bulging veins 
I dreamt of the dive
It was clear.
From my house to the bridge 
Not ghostly or ethereal
Just a shadow 
A figure cutting through the haze of hail and wailing torrents. 
I could only think of water on my way there
The smooth torpedo of my body. 
I sat by the edge for some time
I let the rain reshape me
And breathing came in gasps
Handfuls of breath and spit
I thought of the green moss in the depths
The sinewy comfort of it’s tangles.
The bridge gave me my leap 
My freedom spoke to me mid-air
Down I went 
And the cold ripped away all thought.
By Alex Dale 

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