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That Institution



On a summer evening

There’s really nothing better

Than to chuck your work aside

And all your office letters

And head down to a place you know

Will always be your friend

A place of warm humanity,

Jovial to the end

The pub – that institution

That supports us when when you’re down

To be found in every English place

In hamlet,village,town

And even in The City,

Amongst that brutal flow,

The pub stands like an island,

A place where you can go

To contemplate the weary day

It’s drudgery and hates

But what’s even better

Is to go there with your mates

So head down to the pub today

For crisps and chips and cheer

Go and chat with the locals

And enjoy your summer beer

Charlotte Leslie




Lives spent wanting

Possessions and perfection

Make life impossible

Without constant dejection


Forever young

Forever sighed

Forever rich

Forever died


Obsessed with looking good

And styling to showcase

Distractions from living

The height of distaste


Forever young

Forever sighed

Forever rich

Forever died


Value outweighs courage

Class exceeds compassion

Forever is a lonely dream

Suspended by inaction


Forever young

Forever sighed

Forever rich

Forever died



The Act – Promote Yourself


With eyes sparkling, I hopped and hoped
Of love coming back in a charming cloak
But the expectations raised were all futile, the mutiny with self inevitable
Thus progressed the tale like a torn page out of an old chapter

What I had wanted, what I had wished
It was only for you to share a piece
A piece of happiness, even a piece of truth
But not a piece hidden behind a big solid wall of you

With you in your own sweet world, whenever I wanted you so much
And I wondered whether these were coincidences for real.
Thus every time you thought I was pushing you away
But it was you who started the act in the first place.


Dreams – Promote Yourself

They come in flow,

like a summer stream.

Fickle ideas,

in a random breeze.

As we rest asunder,

in hopes of peace,

they fill our eyes,

with gentle dreams.


Amish Alvi

My name’s Amish Alvi but on the internet I roam with a persona known as Freakreborn. I run a small writing blog: I call home a coastal city known as Karachi in a badly reputed country known as Pakistan but I guarantee there’s hardly anything here to be scared of so don’t worry. I’ve visited the Poetree site quite a number of times in the past, admiring other peoples work I’ve always wanted to share my own as well but I never deemed any of my work worthy enough to be shared. You see, I along with millions of artists out there have a disease that simply does not allow me to like my own work so with a little consoling myself and a lot of hair pulling i was able to pick a poem I think can represent my skills as a poet, here goes: 

Why Buy the Cow When the Milk’s No Good Anyway – Promote Yourself


You are the milk

in my refrigerator:

old, sour,

and chunky.

I can’t enjoy milk

for what it is. It’s only good

for indulgence:

milk and cookies,

ice cream, making pancakes–

food that’s good

in the moment,

but always leaves me

feeling guilty.

Today I noticed the milk has expired.

And in case you didn’t already know,

I’m this close to buying some new

Goddamn milk.

– By Joseph Harwick – USA

Blog link:


I’m an English major that graduated from UF in 2012. Have been on a hiatus writing for awhile and looking to get back out there and maybe get some exposure. Thanks!

My favorite poem is concise ,simple and direct ..


To all those that I meet
With Kindness I will greet
With a smiling face
and a friendly trace,
I will teach them to be kind
In Soul, in Heart, and Mind.

By Jessica M. Faasavalu



Communion – Promote Yourself


Unconditional energy flows

Truth expressed, emotion shared

Swaying communion

Your tear falling on my cheek

Regardless of circumstances

Source essence knows

by Alaniya Patton


“Public Service” (or “Thank our Lucky Stars!”) – Promote Yourself

By serving nations and society
You’ll justify your fame (if not your birth).
You’ll teach the youth of safe sobriety
By driving drunk on alcoholic mirth–
Then paying fines with promised piety
And volunteering hours of boundless worth.
In ads, you’ll tell the children, “Stay in school!”
While proving that it pays to be a fool.
Within your glowing aura, peasants bask
Because you’re loved well by the goddess Cash
And bathed in fluids from Her sacred flask.
You’ll help communities by clearing trash
…For photo ops, before you delegate the task—
And go inside (since heat might cause a rash).]
You’ll grab some garbage, hug a fan, and smile
…for pics, then fuss and stomp away in style.
These stanzas are likely more enjoyable in context:
Paul Burgess

My Words Will Dance – Promote Yourself


    Your words dance across the page

Drawing me in I am struck by their beauty


    I wait for that day

To have my words dance

Dance to a tune

For everyone to hear

    Until then I keep writing

Waiting for someday

Knowing my words will dance

Someday my words will dance like yours


The days of my youth – Promote Yourself

old age

The days of my youth are dead,
the hours of my innocence were bled,
the pleasures of simple joys have fled.
Alas, too swiftly did I seek to grow,
and the seeds of discontent I did sow,
now my life is filled with misery and woe.
It is sad but all too true,
the best part of my life is through,
there is nothing left for me to see or do.
All worldly pleasures have paled,
my love of life’s beauty has failed,
the future is dimly lit and veiled.
So here is the lesson for you to learn,
for maturity do not too swiftly yearn.

Emily Karn

Eye of the beholder – Promote Yourself

blank canvas

A well known collector visited the art gallery today

Upon an easel it was displayed

Looked over well, peered into, scrutinized for flaws

And even the flaws were masterpieces, once given pause

I must have this, such passion I have never seen!”

He proclaimed:

By anonymous?

Does this artist have no name?

And if so, why be ashamed?”

And so he purchased it at great cost,

Covered it to protect it from dust.

The unveiling to be conducted at a later time,

At an event momentus…

When all the dignitaries and honored worldly guests were all present.

A fine linen sheet was drawn back to reveal,

A blank canvas…to astonished gasps and squeals

There written upon the canvas for only the purchaser’s eyes to see

Was this…

Return me to where you found me

I was not meant for you to see,

You are not known to Me.

I manifested for the benefit of the believer,

who stood looking over your shoulder behind thee,

it was he…

who was shown

who saw…

“eyes of living flames”

stood aside humbly

and painted me,


anthony gomez

Oneagleswings, Moncks Corner, S.C.

“Celebrity Baby Names” [from The New House of Fame–by Paul “Whitberg” Burgess] – Promote Yourself

call me
On normal, trite, and boring children’s names
The House has lately passed a legal ban.
You must not have a Jill, a John, or James
But rather Grapes, The South, or Wat’ring Can.
I might suggest a Lens or maybe Frames–
Or Pressure Pot, The Wok, or Frying Pan.
Your children’s lives will be a lot more fun
With names like Arrow, Knife, and Laser Gun.
“Celebrity Baby Names” [from The New House of Fame–by Paul “Whitberg” Burgess]
The stanza is likely more enjoyable in context:

A Buzzards View – Promote Yourself


Cows and sheep, and chickens with no heads

Are all that can be seen.

A clear cowards dream.

The buzzard looks upon

With eyes of sickening sorrow.


Free above, the consciousness of the swarm

This buzzard will soar,

Like all birds did before.

Yesterdays’ past future

Will no longer be tomorrow.


Plagued land, and vacant minds below

Precede a set course,

Whilst showing no remorse.

Utilized thoughts,

It is not their decision.


To cows and sheep, and chickens with no heads

What does this mean?

Is this their Dream?

Or a birds imminent,

Heinous vision

Thomas Hope, from Fife, Scotland

~Communion~ – Promote Yourself


The darkness of a million lies
Casts a web of shadows across this land
My heart breaks
Love digs its fingertips into the soil
At the edge of the cliff
Barely holding on
Knowledge has been mistaken for wisdom
But have faith lovers
For love will never let go
The cliff will never give way
As dark as the shadows loom
The glorious Sun shines for us
For you
Dear child
The plants that spring forth from the fragrant earth
An act of divine love
The unenlightened machinations of mortals
So involved and seemingly complex
Turn to a tender tear that quietly falls
Chaos turns to grace
In the healing presence of all that springs forth
From the light
Into the light
Born out of pure love
From the belly of the Cosmos
We are
Nothing less
Life is
Reach out now
Feel and be felt
Experience and be experienced

©2014 Julian Brook Ruszel

Our Ship – Promote Yourself


I used to imagine that our car was a spaceship
A submarine in the sky that would travel through the stars
We were safe guarded once inside its magical doors,
Shielded by the monsters, the faceless thieves and the aliens

My father was the super-human pilot, the captain of this vessel
The flashing arrows were his helpers
Where he would sing love songs to my mother
As my sisters rolled their eyes

It was a night like this, when we were all together
That the elements became the monster
I stared into darkness, holding minute flecks of colour  
From our spaceship that could make rain fall upwards

Margo Nguyen
Hi there, I'm a writer/fitness enthusiast from Australia. I believe that all forms of expression and creativity are imperative for a healthy mind and body. Check out my blog!

‘Escaping control’ – Promote Yourself


Assumptions can be troublesome

Prior warned not to bite

But the line was just too tempting

No wonder it ended in fright


How many repeats are needed

Before the cloudy waters clear?

There seems to be a mighty barrier

Cemented strong by fear




There’s only one conversation

Bore in, bore out, bore down

Two statues standing face to face

And each one wears a frown


No give from either party

Indeed an inevitable result

The battles could not last forever

New bridges must be built


Decision made, up and left

The relief was most apparent

The steely master of deception

Became somewhat transparent


A lesson here most profound

Beware all those who control

For what is dressed as freedom

May in fact, be a devil lead patrol.


Carly Short

Past Time -Promote Yourself

I once met a woman on Greenwich Lane,
She told me
“My past is a dusty Blanket,
Soiled by the sickness of too many a men”
Then she knelt down in the Thames river
Scrubbing her blistering hands
Scrubbed then her knees,
Fell head first and from the wake I heard her scream;
“Wash the stains away,
Wash it all out,
Wash the stains away,
The terrible stains”
Then as she proceeded to sink
Water filled her wailing mouth,
Upon seeing my horrified expression,
Through one last gasp she yelled;
“But I don’t regret those stains”.
Glazzard, Louis Rowan

CYCLE -Promote Yourself


The sound is deafening

Thoughts pierce the mind

A jumbled potion

Mixed up whilst blind

Drank up in haste

Assumed to be a healer

Turns out to be poison

Making ideas clearer

Telling to excess

More pieces needed

Foolish trust follows

The sound exceeded



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