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Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

No Guarantee




Life has no guarantee

It doesn’t come with a manual

Life can be very complicated

And sometimes it’s very hard to un-tangle 


We sometimes are influenced by family

Although we are all of a different kind

We all stumble along life’s highway

Knowing that life can sometimes can be a bind


We learn from our everyday experiences

Of things we should and should not do

But life is an exciting adventure

Learning things old and new


But being human is very exciting

Learning new skills every day

Trying to un-ravel the meaning of life

That’s when our mind gets in the way


I don’t think we will ever find the answer

For that knowledge is out of our league

But I feel deep within our being

Is planted that inquisitive seed.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

SHADOW-LAND – Promote Yourself



There is a place with no time and no date,
No awareness at all of your own final fate,
It’s neither heaven nor hell, you understand,
It is that strange place called the Shadow Land.

In the Shadow Land there may also dwell,
Others who you’ve known in your own life as well,
Some are much younger or no longer alive,
But in the Shadow Land still somehow survive…

In the Shadow Land you may be a past version of you,
And do all the things that you once used to do,
You may hold the same job that you previously manned,
As that’s how it goes when in the Shadow Land.

You may live in a house that you lived in before,
With your old sofa and your old front door,
It is a place of temporal shifting sand,
When you reside within the Shadow Land…

Voices from afar will tell you it’s not real,
And tell you the opposite of what you now feel,
But you’ll know full well that they’re totally wrong
As haven’t you lived in the Shadow Land all along…?

Demented Girl

‘The tide’ – Promote Yourself


The tide, it wishes to take me away

And I, I long to be taken

To be carried away, swept up and freed

Freed from this endless vacation


So tempting it is, to be lifted, cleansed, removed

To run from this resistance

But what starts as peace, always ends in pain

Bruised and battered. Torn and impatient


Lies can be truth and truth can be lies

The ocean behind can’t be undone

So the choice, you see, is no choice at all

Persistence will be the only freedom


– CarlyLou

Kind regards, 
Carly Short


She loved me once. Then … she loved me not. The former, I often heard; the latter … not ever.
But actions … and omissions to act … speak volumes … deafeningly.
And so my sick heart now hurts less; for romantic declarations aside, aside from our Creator,
nothing’s forever … but Him … or Her; and that’s comforting … most definitely.
That (S)he is forever is most comforting; but there have been other comforts … since she
loved me not. That a heart is mended is, largely, an inconsequential one;
but knowing that beyond actions speaking loudly, that inaction speaks volumes … deafeningly,
is altogether, another. That latter slice of wisdom ought matter … to everyone.
Art’s life’s been more dissolute than resolute. He’s lost much held dear, especially a child whom
would have turned twenty-one years young, this Autumn’s October.
But Arthur’s losses; of parents, child, wife and life oft pale next to that of others, whom
struggle in … Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s … time river.
Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s river of time is a river, unfathomable. But fear not for ye
need not fathom its breadth. Ye need only believe; the Scriptures are ALL
subject to misinterpretation. Just do to others as ye would have them do unto thee.
And so Arthur writes … like Emily before him … to all.
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico
@chachomanopapa on Twitter

Who am I? By Thomas Sims

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